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As a manager, you play a critical role in performance development. You have the opportunity to share objective, actionable feedback about your direct reports using the Performance Review feature. Continue reading to learn more about how to start a performance review, submit a review, add collaborators to the review, and share review results with colleagues.

TIP: Take our Culture Amp Training course, The Performance review for managers  to learn about every step in the review process for managers. 

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Start a performance review

  • Find any outstanding reviews by clicking on Home or navigating to Reviews>> select Performance reviews (under Direct Reports).
  • Select any review marked as In Session.


Review your team

  • Your direct reports will appear on the right of your screen, along with the ability to view each employee's profile. Use employee profiles to reference previous feedback, self-reflections, reviews, goals, or your private notes about them.
  • Your review responses are auto-saved as you write. You can jump to another review and respond in any order if you wish.
  • Until your administrator closes the performance review cycle, you can edit your responses even after you submit your feedback.
  • Any question with an indicator of Will be shared with (employee name) can be shared with your direct report by you or your administrator.


Once reviews are complete, you will able to see them for all employees reporting up to you (both indirect and direct reports). You can also filter employees to focus on certain assessment groups.

Add Collaborators

Need help completing your review? Culture Amp lets you collaborate with another person on your review to ensure your feedback is timely and actionable. Both administrators and managers can add a collaborator to a review once the scheduled Manager Review component has launched.

To add a collaborator:

  • From the performance review dashboard, find the individual and select three dots icon more_horiz-24px.svg
  • See current collaborators and search for users to add new collaborators.



After adding collaborators:

  • New collaborators will receive notifications via email and in their Inbox.
  • Once given access, new collaborators will be able to see your review and can comment on each question. They can also view sections of your direct report's profile according to their permissions (e.g. they will see any goals made visible to them and any feedback they have written).
  • You can add or remove collaborators at any time before the cycle is closed. When collaborators are removed, their comments will persist but they no longer have access to the review.
  • Note: In order for collaborator notes to be visible to the manager and admin, the collaborator must "share comments"



​Collaborator notes are only visible to you, the manager, skip-level managers (if applicable), and your administrator. Your direct report will not see these comments if you decide to share your review with a direct report.

Sharing reviews and Review Acknowledgements

Managers can share reviews with their direct reports if your People team enables this capability. Once enabled, you can share responses to review questions marked with an asterisk (*) directly with your team members.

If Review Acknowledgements have been included in the performance review cycle, employees will also be able to mark their review as acknowledged following the review conversation with their manager. It’s important to note that the ability to acknowledge a review is only made available once the review has been shared with the employee.

Share reviews with your direct reports using the steps below:​​

  • Navigate to the Reviews dropdown
  • Select Performance reviews (under Direct Reports) and find the cycle you're interested in sharing.
  • Locate the individual direct report select the Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_4.43.19_PM.png share icon on the right side of their record


TIPYou can share reviews with your entire team by clicking on the arrow icon at the top right of the manager view. This will show the questions that will be shared, but will not generate a preview.


Export reviews to PDF

As a manager, you can download your direct or indirect report's review to PDF at any time. The PDF will include all questions, not just the ones shared with your employee. 



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