Update and track goal progress

Edit, update and comment on your goals. Once you’ve created a goal, there are a few ways to keep track of and communicate goal progress.

Edit and update a goal

Edit a goal's details

  • You may edit any part of the goal by clicking on the goal and selecting Edit. Only you can edit your goal's details.


Update a goal's progress

  • You or your manager can update a goal's progress by manipulating the slider bars. If your goal has key results, you may update progress on each one and the overall progress percentage will update automatically.
  • When the progress percentage is > 0%, your goal will automatically transition to the in progress status. Similarly, when your goal reaches 100%, it will automatically transition to accomplished. You can also drag and drop a goal into a different status on the goals overview page to manually move a goal between states.


Comment on a goal

  • Anyone with visibility of your goal can leave a comment within the comment thread of that goal. Leave a comment yourself if you'd like to capture any status updates or provide additional context related to your goal's progress.
  • Users can also at-mention other individuals that have visibility of your goal in order to bring them into the conversation.​


Identify a goal as blocked

At any point, you can update the status of your goal to blocked (by clicking on the goal and selecting the drop-down menu for status) in order to indicate that there may be circumstances impeding your progress. If your manager has visibility of your goal, they will receive an in-app notification, allowing them to follow-up and discuss ways to move forward.​


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