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Admin's dashboard for managing goals
Admin's dashboard for managing goals

How to assign department goal creators, create department and company level goals and export goal data as a Performance Admin

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How to assign department goal creators, create department and company level goals and export goal data as a Performance Admin

Who is this guide for?

Performance Admins

Administrators have the following abilities to help launch and manage goal setting:

Assign department managers

On the Home page, select Settings>>Users.


Next, click on the employee name to view the details of their profile in the Permissions section.


Select the Department goal creator checkbox and select the department this employee is responsible for.


Create department and company goals

On the employee side of the app, go to the Goals dropdown and click Goals to see the department and company goals. You can create any number of them for employees to view. Employees will have visibility into all company and department goals.

You can also create a goal by copying an existing goal. See our guide to create goals for more information.


View individual goals and export data

To view all goal types, go to Goals > Reporting (under Admin).

  • Filter by: Due date, Last updated date, Employee start date, Department, Goal type, Status, Manager, Owner, Owners Department and Priority

  • You can manage result set columns using the manage columns option

  • Reporting includes all goals, which will be listed and un-redacted in the report, except goals with visibility set as “visible only to me” which will be redacted



  • The Goals reporting page data is refreshed every hour. Whilst the refresh is taking place (on the hour, every hour for 2-3 mins), it may cause the report to show 0 goals, or only a subset of goals. Refreshing or returning to the page 2-3 mins after the hour will restore the view.

  • Goal descriptions are not visible in this view. They are however, included in the export

  • We have changed the current Department filter to only show Department type goals of the selected department(s) and have introduced a new filter (Owner's department) to replace what the current department filter does (Display all goal types that belong to owners who are in the selected department(s))In summary, these filters are:

    • Department filter - Only show Department type goals of the selected department(s)

    • Owner's department - Display all goal types that belong to owners who are in the selected department(s))

To download goal data, select Export goals and choose from three CSV options:

  • Export filtered goals (n)

  • Export all goals

  • Goal alignment (Individual and Department Goals aligned to Company goals only)


Note: Goals with multiple Goal Owners are now included in the same row in the export (i.e the multiple goal owners listed in the “Goal Owner Name” column).

Goals with multiple key results show as multiple rows in the export (i.e one row for each key result ”Last Updated” column).

Viewing goal stats (Goals usage)


In the Admin settings, administrators can view a number of interesting statistics on goal usage. Click on Goals > Usage (under Admin) to access the dashboard that shows how many employees created goals and distribution of goals across new, in progress, blocked and accomplished states. It also allows administrators to download the list of employees who have not created any goals in the system. Administrators can also drill down by each department.


Note: The Goals Usage report is only available for the current goal period and not future periods at this time.

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