Goal Digest Email in Performance

Guidance on what is included in the goals digest email

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What can I learn from this page?

An overview of the goals digest feature available with the Performance module

Who is this guide for?

Performance Admins, Performance Users

Easily stay up to date on relevant goal activity through your daily goal digest email. Your digest includes key goal updates related to your personal, team, department and company goals. Only notifications that you have not yet read are included in the digest.


Personal Goal Notifications

The following personal goal notifications are included in the digest email:

  • Your goal has a new comment

  • You were mentioned on a colleague's goal

If you are a people manager, you will also see relevant details related to the goals created by your direct reports, including when your direct report:

  • Creates or accomplishes a goal

  • Identifies a goal as blocked

  • Mentions you on one of their goals

Team Goal Notifications

If your organization uses team goals, you will receive relevant updates specific to your teams:

  • Team goal created or accomplished

  • You've been added as an owner of a team goal

  • You've been mentioned on a team goal

Department and Company Goal Notifications

Lastly, you'll receive an update anytime your department or company has created a new goal.

Note: If Team Goals are enabled, the Department and Company level goal updates will not appear in the goals digest email.


How can we enable the Goals Digest option?

Just reach out to our Culture Amp Support specialist and request to speak directly with a specialist. Any Performance Admin User at your organization can get in touch with our Culture Amp Support Team to make this request. Our support specialists will assist in enabling this feature on your account.

Can we enable the Goals Digest for some users but not all?

The Goals Digest feature can only be enabled at the overall account level meaning it applies to ALL Users. Unfortunately is not possible to enable it selectively for certain Users and not others.

Will a daily email be sent, even if there has been no goal activity?

You will receive daily emails only if there has been activity on your goals. If there is no goal activity on a particular day, no email will be sent.

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