Roles and Permissions in Engagement

Information about each role in Engagement and what permissions each one has

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Information about the different roles and permissions available in the Engagement side of the platform

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins

In Culture Amp, there are different roles Users can have on the Engagement side of the platform, each with their own level of access to things like employee info and admin tasks.

Let's break them down.

Account Administrator

An Account Administrator has the highest level of access in the system. Here's what you can do:

  • Create Surveys: You're the survey wizards, able to whip up surveys from templates or craft your own with custom questions.

  • Maintain User Details: You're in charge of keeping everyone's personal details and demographic info up to date.

  • Manage Bounced Emails: If an email from Culture Amp bounces, you handle it.

  • Invite Users: You can send sign-in links to new users.

  • Add More Administrators: Sharing the power is possible.

  • Change Account Settings: From logos to key contact details, you've got the keys to make these changes.

Ready to add someone as an Account Administrator? Check out the guidance here.

Survey Data Analyst

If a user is a Survey Data Analyst in Culture Amp, they're the go-to person for crunching numbers. Here's what they can do:

  • Extract Raw Data: They can pull out a full breakdown of the response data from surveys. Pretty handy for diving deep into the numbers.

  • Keep track with the Audit Log: They'll also be able to keep track on who in your organization has examined the raw data.

Just a heads up: Because raw data is sensitive, you'll need to activate this feature before launching the survey if you want to download it.

Curious on how to assign the Survey Data Analyst role? Check out the step-by-step process right here.

Survey Creator

A Survey Creator is able to create surveys from scratch. But they're not just creators – they're also administrators, meaning they have all the same powers as a full Survey Admin, but only for the surveys that they create.

But here's where it gets interesting: Survey Creators can be tailored to specific groups. For example, if you only want them to manage surveys for a particular location like New York, you can limit their permissions accordingly. This ensures they'll solely manage surveys and data related to employees from New York.

And don't forget, Survey Creators only have access to the surveys they've created themselves.

Curious about adding a Survey Creator? Check out our step-by-step guide here.

Survey HR Business Partner

The Survey HR Business Partner role can access and review all engagement reports, making it easier to set up and share reports within your organization.

However, this role has limited access to certain administrative features. Survey HR Business Partners cannot change account settings or create and edit surveys, ensuring data integrity and security.

Discover how to add a Survey HR Business Partner here.

Survey Administrator

Survey Administrators are responsible for managing surveys they're assigned as an Admin to. Here's what they can do:

There are two types of Survey Administrator roles:

  • Overall: These folks have full access to all survey functions, including administrative tasks and reports.

  • Support Only: They focus on support functions only like reissuing invitations or resetting responses. It's ideal if you need assistance in managing employees invited to the survey but prefer to restrict access to the survey results

Explore the instructions here to learn how to add a Survey Administrator.

For our Performance customers, we also provide specialized Performance Administration Roles that can be assigned.

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