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Roles and permissions in Engagement
Roles and permissions in Engagement

Information about each role in Engagement and what permissions each one has

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Information about the different roles and permissions available in the Engagement side of the platform

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Account Admins

Update: As we consolidate and simplify roles, we have decided to deprecate the observer role. You will no longer see information in our support documentation about this role and from mid-June 2023 it will no longer be possible to assign or revoke Observers.

There are several different roles a user can have in Culture Amp with varying levels of access to employee information and administration functions.

Account Administrator

An Account Administrator in Culture Amp has the highest level of access in the system. The following account-level functions are available only to Account Admins:

The process for adding an Account Administrator is explained here.

Survey Data Analyst

A Survey Data Analyst is able to extract raw data from surveys for an account (where Raw Data Extracts have been enabled for a survey), and view an Audit Log of all raw data extracts that have been performed on surveys.

The process for adding a Survey Data Analyst is explained here.

Survey Creator

A Survey Creator is able to create surveys in addition to having all the survey-level functions of a Survey Administrator, as described below.

Survey Creators can be limited to certain demographic criteria. For example, a Survey Creator in New York could be limited to the ‘Location’ demographic of ‘New York’. When this employee creates a survey, they will only be able to launch that survey and view employee data for New York employees.

The process for adding a Survey Creator is explained here.

The survey creator role has access to all surveys that they have created themselves.

Survey Administrator

The survey-level functions for a Survey Administrator are as follows, and are also available to Account Admins and Survey Creators:

Survey Administrator role types

There are two levels of survey administrator role options (Overall and Support only):

  • Overall: provides access to all administrative and reporting functions for the survey. This includes survey editing and archiving, adding and removing administrators and access to all reports. It also includes viewing and sharing survey demonstrations

  • Support only: Provides access to all support functions for this survey. Survey invitation emails can be reissued to certain users, and survey responses can be reset to allow a participant to complete the survey again.

The process for adding a Survey Administrator is explained here.

For Performance customers, there are also specific Performance administration roles that can be assigned.

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