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Activate kiosk mode for employees without designated email addresses or computers
Activate kiosk mode for employees without designated email addresses or computers

How to help survey participants without access to an email address or computer, to instead take the survey via a shared kiosk.

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How to help survey participants without access to an email address or computer, to instead take the survey via a shared kiosk.

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

If some of your employees don’t have access to an email address or a computer, you’ll want to activate kiosk mode.

Activating Kiosk Mode allocates a unique 8 character code to each employee for a survey. We can also configure your survey to instead use a person's employee number, if that's preferred. This code can be used to complete the survey at a "survey kiosk". A kiosk is any device that can be shared by multiple employees, with online access (an internet connection). This may be a group of shared computers, a bank of iPads, or even a few smartphones.

All you'll need to do is to get each employee their kiosk code, and we’ll do the rest.


  • Kiosk Mode is currently available for Engagement, Onboarding, and Exit surveys only, and has to first be enabled by Culture Amp for a specific survey. Please note: Generated codes are not available for Onboarding and Exit surveys, participants must be assigned an Employee Id and use that as the code for these surveys.

  • If you would like kiosk mode enabled by Employee ID as opposed to random generated code, please advise support when you submit your request.

To enable Kiosk mode on your survey, please contact

Once enabled in your account, you will be able to turn on kiosk mode for specific surveys via the Communications page for your Survey Configuration.


When you turn Kiosk mode on, you will get access to:

  1. A survey link that can be used on the designated Kiosk computers/devices for employees to enter codes and complete the survey

  2. A field to enter pre-configured demographics that will be added into the Kiosk code export file along with participant names and Kiosk codes (Engagement only). This will let you easily collect codes from the exported file for distribution to employees; for example, employees without email addresses who work in a specific location.

Now that you've turned Kiosk mode on, you can share the link and kiosk code information with participants for them to take the survey.

Access generated kiosk codes or exporting a list (Engagement only)

head on over to the Participants page. From here we can select all participants for the survey and then export your Kiosk codes for the survey via the button that has now appeared at the top of the page.

Once you've added the specific demographics that you'd like included in the Kiosk code export (any demographics previously set up on the Communications page will be auto-populated), click Export Kiosk Codes and an Excel file with the requested data will begin to download. It's often easier to manage if you set up a 'Survey Method' type demographic in advance for your employees, so you can more easily isolate the people who need a code (because they don't have an email address, or ready access to a device to check their email). The Excel export includes all participants in the survey, whether they have an email address or not.

It will look something like this:

Now you can distribute the Kiosk codes to participants in the most suitable manner.

NOTE: The Excel file will contain a link a person can use instead of their Kiosk Code, however opening links from within Excel is problematic. People will need to copy and paste their link into a browser tab.

To find your survey URL, navigate to the Kiosk Mode section on your Communications page and click on the Survey link (in blue).


TIP: It's also worth noting that if a participant receives an email invitation to a survey and then subsequently a Kiosk code, that participant can submit their survey either via the unique survey link or with the Kiosk code.

When the survey is live, you can turn Kiosk mode off to disable kiosk access without impacting participants taking the survey via an email link.

NOTE: Kiosk codes are generated as you add Participants to your survey but once generated, they do not change for participants regardless of turning Kiosk mode off or on.

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