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Onboard/Exit Survey Guide for Participants
Onboard/Exit Survey Guide for Participants

Get answers to the most commonly asked questions when participating in an Onboarding/Exit Survey

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What can I learn from this page?

Answers to the most commonly asked questions when participating in an Onboarding/Exit Survey

Who is this guide for?

Survey Participants

What is the purpose of an Onboarding or Exit Survey?

The Onboarding/Exit survey documents the employee experience of what an employee encounters, experiences, and observes over the course of time with their organization. This guide provides a list of employee FAQs that can aid users of the Culture Amp platform. It will provide some guidance and prepare you for questions that may arise while taking the survey.

💡 FYI: The information contained in this article is based off our Culture Amp survey template, however the exact details may differ depending on your organization. When in doubt, don't hesitate to share your questions and concerns with a member of your People/HR team!

Are my responses confidential?

Onboard/Exit surveys work differently than our Engagement style surveys. By default, individual responses on these surveys will be accessible to administrators within your organization, as it is seen as valuable to collect personalized feedback around onboard/exit processes.

However, this depends on how the survey has been set up by your administrators prior to launch, so we would recommend reviewing the "reporting rules" link found on your survey invitation, or the welcome page of the survey, prior to submitting your responses.

When taking the survey, you can also review this by clicking "settings for this survey:"

Where can I find my kiosk code?

While your unique link to participate in an Onboard/Exit survey is typically sent directly to your email, it is possible that your organization has enabled Kiosk Mode. This allows all participants to use the same link to access the survey; however, you will need to enter a code for entry. The assigned Kiosk code for Onboarding and Exit surveys is your employee ID. Please ensure there are no spaces before or after your code when you enter it!

What if my kiosk code doesn't work?

There are a few reasons why your code may fail:

  • You are entering the incorrect code. Kiosk codes are case sensitive. Make sure the code matches exactly (numbers, capital letters, etc.) and that there are no spaces before or after the code itself when you copy it across.

  • The survey linked to your kiosk code may have already been submitted. This can occur if either yourself or another participant has entered your code to submit a response already. Contact our Culture Amp Support team via email: or reply with Ask a Person to speak with a specialist during your conversation if you need your response link/code reset. You can also reach out to your HR team internally to help.

  • You have not been added to the survey as a participant. In this case, we recommend getting in touch with an internal admin who's maintaining the survey. The admin will most likely be a member of your HR/People team. We're not able to add you here at Culture Amp, but your administrators will be able to either add you to the survey or explain the eligibility rules for this survey.

How can I access my Exit Survey if I have already left the company?

  • If Kiosk Mode is enabled (in other words, if it's asking you for a kiosk code when you click into the survey), you should still be able to take the survey by providing your employee ID

  • If Kiosk Mode is not enabled, you should still be able to take the survey if you have access to your work email, which is where the invitation would be delivered. If you no longer have access to your work email, please reach out to your former employer - if needed, they can get in touch with us to help make sure you can still take the survey

I didn't receive a survey invitation - how do I participate in the Onboarding/Exit Survey?

The Onboarding/Exit survey is managed by the internal admins within your organization. They will be the point of contact if you wish to be included on the survey - if they have trouble getting you added, they can reach out to us!

Can I edit my responses?

Once the survey is submitted, there isn’t a way to edit the responses, but we are able to reset your response if you wish! Do take note that you will need to start from the beginning of the survey if your response is reset.

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