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Survey Invites

An overview of the different ways survey participants can receive a survey invitation

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An overview of the different ways survey participants can receive a survey invitation

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Survey Participants

There are a number of different ways of getting invited to participate. It will depend on the survey type and how the survey is being implemented.

Getting Invited via Email

The most common survey in Culture Amp is managed using an employee list containing email addresses. When the survey is kicked off, you will receive an email with instructions containing a link to the survey. This is a unique link to ensure that each participant is represented correctly and with a single response. Your link has a random key that is generated with a cryptographically-secure algorithm. This key ensures that only your link can access your response.

Most surveys run over several weeks and you will receive reminders if you've not completed the survey. If you have not received your invitation, check your Spam or Junk folders. For this reason it's important that you don't forward on your survey invitation emails.

What if I don't have an email address?

If email addresses are not issued by your company, you may have a Supervisor ask you to take a survey at a kiosk. A kiosk is any kind of device, like a tablet or computer, usually set up in a location at work. You will be asked to enter a kiosk code to take the survey. This could be your Employee ID or another code provided to you by your organization.

Note: Please see our guide for admins on how to activate Kiosk mode for your survey

Getting Invited via Slack

If you use Slack at your organization, you will get a survey invite via email as well as a Slack message. You can take the survey using either link.

Getting Invited via a Survey Link

For less formal surveys, you may be sent a direct "survey link" - which is used for unattributed surveys. These links are used for surveys such as candidate surveys or training course surveys. Generally, these links will be sent to you directly, by a company representative. To complete these surveys, simply follow the link and you’ll be presented with a survey page. You may also be given an authorization code to use to access the survey from this page.

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