Configure Report Factors in Survey Design

Guidance on how to configure factors in survey design

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Guidance on how to configure factors in survey design

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When setting up a survey, questions are grouped into sections like 'The Work' or 'The Place' to match participants' perspectives. After collecting data, you can rearrange how questions are grouped in reports. This allows for grouping by behavioral topics or cultural attributes known as Factors, such as 'Alignment & Involvement' or 'Enablement'.

Using Factors in reports helps make data analysis more meaningful and actionable. You can create, edit, and remove Factors using the Reporting Factors page.

You can configure Factors anytime, even after launching or closing the survey. If you change your mind about which questions should go where, you can easily un-assign them from the factor.

The Reporting Factors page works alongside the Questions page, so any changes to survey questions are automatically updated in the Reporting Factors page.

Remember! If a Rating or Select question isn't assigned to a Factor, it won't show up in your reports. Also, keep in mind that free text questions don't need to be assigned to a factor to appear in the reporting view.

To Edit Report Factors:

  1. Click Edit Survey for the specific survey on your Surveys page.

  2. Go to the Reporting Factors page of the survey.

  3. Click Add Factor to create a new Factor or click the Pencil icon to edit a Factor's name.

  4. Use the Expand/Collapse icon to view the questions assigned to the Factor.

  5. Use the Add a question to this factor dropdown to assign questions or click Remove to un-assign them.

  6. Click the Trash Can icon to delete a Factor.

When editing factors, there are two options that can be selected:

  1. Include in key factors: This promotes a Factor to be displayed at the top of Manager Insight and Dashboard reports. It typically represents the survey's fundamental focus, like Engagement.

  2. Index Factor: This designates which Factor is used in Impact/Driver Analysis, showing which questions 'drive' the index Factor. Usually, this is Engagement.




Preview Your Factors in Reports

Want to see how your factors look in the Admin report? Just hit the Preview icon!

Rating questions:

  • On the Insights report page, click on each factor to check out the assigned rating questions.

Select Questions:

  • To view your assigned select questions, head to the Questions report page and navigate to the Multiple Choice Questions section.

Free Text:

  • No need to assign free text questions to a factor for them to show up in the reporting view. The questions will display without a factor on your Comments report page. Learn more.

Multi-Factor Questions

A survey question can be used across more than one Factor, although this is rare. This might occur for metrics used internally by the HR team only or for comparison purposes with previously used index Factors.

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