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Configure report factors in survey design
Configure report factors in survey design

Guidance on how to configure factors in survey design

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Guidance on how to configure factors in survey design

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


When designing a survey for participants, the survey questions are grouped into Sections on the Questions page, often using language that reflects the participant's view, such as 'The Work' and 'The Place'. When data has been captured in the survey, it is possible to redefine how the questions are grouped in the reports. This allows grouping by behavioral topics, or cultural attributes called Factors such as 'Alignment & Involvement' or 'Enablement'.

Using factors in reporting makes analyzing the data more meaningful and actionable. Factors are created, edited and removed using the Reporting Factors page.

Configuring factors can be done at any time, even after the survey has been launched or closed. Factors have survey questions assigned to them, and questions can be removed from them.

The Reporting Factors page works side-by-side with the Questions page, ensuring that any changes to survey questions are automatically reflected in the Reporting Factors page. It is important to note that if a question is not assigned to a factor then it will not show up in your reports.


To edit report factors

  1. Click Edit Survey for a specific survey on your Surveys page

  2. Click on the Reporting Factors page of the survey

  3. Click Add Factor to create a new factor, or

  4. Click the Pencil icon to edit the name of a specific factor

  5. Click the Expand/Collapse icon to see the questions assigned to the factor

  6. Use the Add a question to this factor drop down to assign the question to that factor, or

  7. Click remove link against a question to un-assign it from that factor

  8. Click the trash can icon to Delete a factor, or

  9. Use the Preview icon to see how your reports will look

Factor options

When editing factors, there are two options that can be selected:

  • Include in key factors

  • Index Factor

Include in key factors

This option promotes a factor to be displayed at the top of the Manager Insight and Dashboard reports. Typically the key factor is a measure that is the fundamental reason for the survey, such as Engagement.


Index Factor

This option nominates which factor is used in Impact/Driver Analysis, as the items that all other survey questions are correlated with to see which questions 'drive' the index factor. Typically this is Engagement.


Multi-factor questions

A survey question can be used across more than one factor, although this is rare. There may be a metric used internally by the HR team only, or a previously used index factor from prior surveys that is no longer communicated, but is used for comparison purposes only.

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