Performance User Data export
How to export performance user data
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How to export performance user data

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Performance Users

This feature allows you to export your individual performance data, delivered to your email as a PDF.

The PDF contains only performance information visible to you, such as:

  • performance reviews completed about you (only when the review has been shared with you)

  • self reflections completed by you

  • goals set by you, or you are a goal owner

  • continuous feedback (ad hoc peer feedback) provided to you

  • ad hoc Manager Requested feedback (only when the feedback was also shared with you)

You can export your data in the following way:

1. Click on your avatar (top right), followed by 'User settings':

2. Click on the 'Download personal data' button:

3. Click on the 'Download personal data' button (top right), followed by 'All personal data' option:

4. You'll see a 'Success!' message appear at the top right of the screen, confirming that the data will be sent to your email shortly:

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