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Create team goals in Performance
Create team goals in Performance

How to create a team and team goals in Performance

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How to create a team and team goals in Performance

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Performance Users

NOTE: This feature must be enabled by the Product Support team, email to turn it on.

Team goals are a goal type in Culture Amp Performance that allows cross-functional and agile teams to create and manage progress toward shared goals, no matter the structure of the organization.

All users have the ability to create a team. Any team member has the ability to create team goals.

To Start, Create a Team

To get started with team goals, first create a team. Once a team has been created, any team members and team leads in that team can create and collaborate on team goals.

Whoever creates the team will be automatically prompted to create team goals with a creation form.


Create Team Goals

Any member of a team can create goals for that team at any time.

If a team does not yet have goals, click the Cross-functional teams tile at the bottom of the Home page. Find and select your team in the "My Teams" section.


Once you have a team set up, you can go to Goals, click Create goal in the upper right, and select Team goal to create a new one.

If your team already has goals, click Goals in the navigation to view them.

You can now create goals from existing goals by selecting the goal of interest and pressing the copy option from the menu.


You can also create a goal from scratch by selecting the create goal option:


As you create a goal, add specifics:

  • Title: What is the main objective of the goal?

  • Add Description (optional): Why is the goal important and what is the plan to achieve it?

  • Key Results (optional): What key results should be used to track and achieve the goal?

  • Goal Owner(s): What members of the team should be accountable for managing the goal?

  • Priority: What is the priority level?

  • Visibility: Should it be accessible to everyone in the company, or just the team?

  • Alignment (optional): Should the goal be aligned to a team goal, department goal, and/or a company goal?


Key Results:

Once you click on “+ Add a new key result (optional)”, the Key results section opens and a new key result can be added with the default values or more specific values

Available options:

  • Type

    • Percentage

    • Number

  • Start: 0 - 9,999,999

  • Current: 0 - 9,999,999

  • Target: 0 - 9,999,999

NOTE: Decimal values cannot be entered


Edit Team Goals and Update Progress

Any member of a team has the ability to edit team goals and update progress, not just the Goal Owner. Learn how to update and track goal progress.

Team Goals Visibility:

  • Manager: Team goals are visible to managers in the dossier and individuals' profiles if their direct report is a Goal Owner and the visibility is set to ‘Everyone’.

  • Admin: Team goals are not visible to Admins in the dossier view. Team goals are visible to Admins in the individuals profile view only if the individual is a goal owner and visibility is set to ‘Everyone,' or the Admin is a goal owner/ member of the team regardless of the visibility setting.

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