Request Team-Based Feedback in Performance

How to request team-based feedback in Performance

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How to request team-based feedback in Performance

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Note: This feature must be enabled by a Customer Success coach, email to turn it on.

You can create Teams in the platform to support cross-functional or project-based teams. Doing so helps keep your agile teams aligned and developing with team specific goals and the ability to give team-based feedback.

What is Team-Based Feedback?

Say your organization has a project-based team with members from different practices like design, engineering, and product management who are working together toward a common goal. There may be a team lead who is responsible for the performance and development of these cross-functional team members. In this team setting, a team member's manager may not necessarily have performance insight on their direct report, but team leads and members would.

Team-based feedback allows team leads to gather feedback about the members of their teams within the context of that team and give it to managers. Managers gain visibility into the performance and development of their direct reports through this team-based feedback provided by team leads.

Request Team-Based Feedback as a Team Lead

Only team leads have the ability to request team-based feedback about their team members. Learn more about the roles of teams.

To request team-based feedback as a team lead, click My Company in the side navigation, then click Teams. Find and select your team in the My Teams section.


On your team page, find and click on Request Feedback in the top right.


Select a Team Member

Select a team member to gather feedback about. Team members display on the right side in a selection list. Find and select the desired person. Note: names will be shortened in the selection list display. To expand the display and view the full name of each team member, simply click the header of the selection list display and drag it to the left.

Select Reviewers

The reviewers will be members of the team. The team lead selects which ones by searching for a person's name or email address in the Request From field. The field will only list members of the team as options. The team lead can select one or more team members as reviewers, including themselves. Also, the team member has the option to select the entire team as reviewers. Reviewers receive a pending task in their To Do list once the request is sent.


Review or Edit Question Template

Team-based feedback uses the same template as manager-requested feedback. The template includes default questions, fully editable to be customized based on the experiences and circumstances of the team.

Note: Account Administrators can further configure the template by clicking Manager-Requested Feedback, then clicking Settings.

Manage Requested and Completed Feedback

The Team lead that requests the feedback receives an in-platform notification for each completed request. Reviewers have the pending task in their To Do list until they complete the requested team-based feedback.


View Team-Based Feedback

The visibility of completed feedback depends on the visibility permissions. Account Administrators can view all team-based feedback across the organization (dossier/employee profile view); Perform HRBP users cannot.

What can a Team Lead see?

Team leads that requested the feedback are the only ones that can view the feedback via the notification that they receive on the Notifications page. Other Team Leads cannot view this feedback.

What can a Manager see?

The manager of a team member can see all team-based feedback submitted about their direct report.

What can the Feedback Giver see?

The feedback giver can always see the feedback they have submitted about a team member when they click on the team member's profile.

Also, the feedback giver can share their feedback directly with the team member at the time of submission. If they do, the team member receives a note in the body of the completed feedback, confirming the feedback has been shared.

What can the Person Receiving the Feedback See?

The person the feedback is about will only be able see the feedback if the person giving the feedback has checked the box to share the feedback with the user


Where does Feedback Display?

Viewable feedback displays on the team member's profile and the right side display area (dossier/employee profile), where it remains visible to the team member during self-reflections, to their manager during performance reviews, and to other colleagues while they give feedback. Again, what feedback displays depends on the visibility permissions.


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