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Guidance on how you can manage bounced emails

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How to manage bounced emails

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Account Admins

When emails are sent by Culture Amp, but there's a problem with the email delivery, a list of affected users is displayed under the Bounces drop-down on the Users page.

Email bounces can be caused by:

  • An incorrect email address set up in Culture Amp (e.g. mis-spelled names)

  • Email address is no longer used (a closed email account)

  • Wrong domain name (e.g. '.com' instead of '')

  • Person's mailbox is full and can't accept new email deliveries

Investigation of the bounces is required to ensure participation rates for surveys are not adversely impacted by technical issues. People are counted in the participation rate denominator, even when their emails bounce. Maintaining employee personal details, like email address, also ensures that future surveys will run more smoothly with fewer bounces. When survey emails are sent to past employees, these users should be made inactive. See Deactivating users.

Action Bounced Emails

To review and action bounced emails, follow the guidance below:

  1. Click Settings

  2. On the Users page, click the Email Bounces drop-down under Filter by status

  3. Review the bounce details:

    1. Check that the person is still eligible to participate in the survey (they may have recently left the organization)

    2. Consider whether there is time left before the survey due date for the person to complete the survey

    3. Look for spelling errors in the email address, such as the person's name or organization name

  4. does another email need to be sent?

    1. Yes - click the user's name to edit their email address, then click the Resend link when prompted after saving, or resend from the Participants page if their email address looks correct

    2. No - click the Clear icon to dismiss the bounce notification and deactivate the person if required.

Note: A user will remain on your email bounce list until you manually Clear the bounce notification.

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: Other systems used by your organization may also require updates to the person's email address, or the person's employment status.



Why have my participants not received a survey email if they are not on the bounced list?

Usually, we see the emails are sent out within 15 minutes of the launch, though sometimes if your email system detects a stack of emails in a short amount of time it might automatically try to slow it down to avoid the system being inundated. This is something that is controlled internally by your IT team as they can limit how many emails can be accepted by your server at one time. What happens, is that the email will continuously attempt to be resent to the user until it is accepted.

This can be helped by adding the Culture Amp email to your Allow List.

I have double-checked the employee's email but it is correct. Why did the email bounce?

An incorrect email address configured in Culture Amp serves as just one example of why an email may bounce. However, email bounce occurrences can also be attributed to factors such as the recipient's inbox reaching capacity or a historical bounce not being resolved. After reviewing the email's accuracy against our checklist above, consider clearing the bounce status and sending another email to assess if the issue recurs.

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