What You Can Expect From Product Support

Details on response times, processes and escalation paths when working with our Product Support team

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Details on response times, processes and escalation paths when working with our Product Support team

Who is this guide for?

All Users

Specialists in the Culture Amp Product Support team are able to help with any questions or clarifications related to how the Culture Amp platform works (expected behaviours) in full or help connect you with the best person at Culture Amp if it falls outside our expertise.

The team is also the best first point of call when things may not work exactly as they should (Unexpected behaviours).

Standard Response Times

We pride ourselves in ensuring we are available for as long as required to give full attention to each inquiry received. As a result, we do not set explicit agreements on response times to allow specialists the time they need to provide an unrushed and complete support experience to you.


Response Time

Live Chat

within 20 minutes
(Our average is 5-10 minutes)


within 24 - 72 hours
(Our average is below 24 hours)

At certain times, it may take a little longer to hear back from us due to a larger volume of inquiries coming through, but we review all conversations as they are received and triage them for urgency to ensure they are assigned to specialists accordingly. You may also experience a delay when the team is unavailable or partially unavailable based on our operating hours.

Is your initial response taking longer than expected for an email?

Please reach out to us (or have an account administrator) reach out to us via Live Chat. We can quickly let you know the status of your outstanding request or help you out on the spot.

Resolution Times

As every inquiry we receive is unique, some things can take longer than others to investigate or respond to. We can't always identify how long something may take to provide the required guidance or fix something, but we will always let you know when you can expect to hear back from us next.

How Can I Help to Speed Things Up?

The more context and reference points we have to help understand your request from your perspective at the time of the receipt, the faster we can move to next steps. Here are a few tips that are incredibly helpful in speeding up the process:

  • Make sure to include any of the key details we might need straight up. For example, the name of the survey or cycle, email or name details of any impacted users, any examples o what you are seeing, URL of the page you are on etc.

  • Any screenshots or a video of what you are experiencing. This is very helpful to understand the problem quickly and get to next steps without getting back to you for clarification first.

  • Feel free to let us know if something is urgent or any other helpful context in your reach out. This allows us to prioritise based on your circumstances.

Why Do I Sometimes Work with Multiple Different Specialists on the Same Request?

Our frontline Product Support team works in a swarm model. This means the next available specialist will pick up the next conversation even if a different specialist has handled it previously.

This model ensures you are never left waiting if a specialist is in a different timezone, is not working on a particular day, or has been caught up working on something else. Our specialists work very closely together and have access to the full context of the current and previous conversations to pick things up seamlessly.

What Happens with more Complex or Technical Issues?

In the event the Product Support team are unable to answer a question or complete a request, or there is an instance of a broader problem, they can escalate your request to our Tier Two Technical Success team.

The Technical Success team work specifically on more complex cases and will work to answer your question or resolve your issue using their extensive experience. The team also work closely with our Product/Engineering team for cases that require more technical intervention.

Responses and Updates

You will be notified in your conversation if the Product Support team needs to escalate your request to the Technical Success team.

As these requests are prioritised based on urgency and impact, the team can take a little more time to investigate and it may take a little longer for the team to start working on your request. They will provide you with an update as soon as possible on the next steps and will keep you in the loop of updates on a regular cadence, even if they need to engage assistance from our Product/Engineering team.

Resolution Times

At this level, the resolution time for your problem can vary significantly as each case is unique and may require coordination of resources throughout Culture Amp. Issues are categorised by urgency and impact, and we will consider your specific circumstances (such as internal timelines) when categorising your request. Please share any context that might be helpful in prioritising.

We cannot always provide a resolution timeline, but we will always let you know when you can expect to hear back from us next, whether we have a specific update or not.

How Can I Get an Update on the Progress of my Request?

The Technical Success team will be your contact point for any requests at this level. They will provide updates on a regular cadence.

If you require an update outside of this, feel free to respond to the original conversation, and we can provide that to you.

What can I Expect if there is a Broader Issue with the Culture Amp Platform?

In cases where there is a more significant issue with the Culture Amp platform that could impact the experience of a broader set of users, we will initiate an internal incident and dedicate resources to rectify things as quickly as possible.

Please get in touch with the Product Support team to report any unusual behaviour when using Culture Amp. We will make sure these land in the right hands and are responded to appropriately.

Where Will I Be Notified?

You will be notified of an incident via Culture Amp’s Product Status page. The messaging will include areas affected by the incident and what to expect functionality-wise.

You can find the Product Status page by clicking Culture Amp Product Status button from the Help menu or by visiting https://status.cultureamp.com.

When Can I Expect Notifications?

You'll see updates on the Product Status page within 5 minutes of an issue being reported. The messaging will be updated as we investigate or if something significant changes.

How Can I Receive Updates?

You can stay informed about incidents through the Product Status page. If you've reached out to us by email or live chat about the issue, you'll get a follow-up notification once it's resolved in the same conversation. If you haven't contacted us, you won't receive any additional messages.

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