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Send the Onboarding or Exit Survey Individually
Send the Onboarding or Exit Survey Individually

Guidance on how to add employees to an Onboarding or Exit Survey

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How to add employees to an Onboarding or Exit survey

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

To send an exit survey to a specific individual, first, ensure your Onboard or Exit Survey has been launched at the overall level. Visit our support guide for detailed instructions.

Once launched, follow the below steps to send the survey:

  1. Go to your Surveys page and select the survey.

  2. Navigate to the Responses page.

  3. Click Select Employees to add an existing user to the survey.

  4. If a specific employee isn't listed, click Add User to first create their profile in Culture Amp.

  5. Select the employee that you wish to exit or onboard. If you just created a new user, that user will now appear in the search list.

  6. If you have an interview step configured, select the person that will be the interviewer

  7. Set the survey Due Date, Interview Due Date (if interview step is configured), and the employee's last working day (they'll be marked as inactive after this date).

  8. Define the Exit Classification: voluntary/involuntary or regrettable/not regrettable.

  9. Click Send.

Responses Page

On the Responses page, you will have the ability to view an individual's survey and:

  • Select a Classification for any surveys Awaiting Classification

  • Send Reminders,

  • Complete the survey on the employee's behalf,

  • Skip the survey,

  • Classify the survey,

  • Reset a submitted survey,

  • Re-open a process to allow more notes to be added as an example,

  • Cancel the process


I accidentally added someone to the survey how can I remove them?

If you've mistakenly added someone to the survey and want to remove them, follow these steps.

  1. Check if the No Protection Checkbox is enabled on the survey's Confidentiality page. This allows Admins and Reviewers to view individual responses and cancel the Onboard or Exit process.

  2. If the checkbox is enabled:

    1. Go to the Responses page of the survey.

    2. Locate the specific Onboarding or Exit process you want to cancel and click View Response.

    3. Click cancel this process.

Can I add the same employee to an Exit survey more than once?

Yes, if an employee leaves the organization multiple times, they can be included in the same Exit survey under their original user profile, if you add them again individually. However, there's a catch! This option is available only if the employee themselves submitted the previous exit survey(s) (rather than an admin doing it on their behalf), and only if all previous exit processes have been fully completed.

How can I extend the exit survey due date for an employee?

Unfortunately, you cannot extend the timeline for an individual exit survey. The timeline can only be adjusted for the entire exit survey overall. However, an employee can still submit the survey even after the communicated due date, as it is a soft deadline.

How can I import participants into an Onboarding or Exit survey?

We don't provide participant imports for surveys created from Onboarding or Exit survey templates. However, you can automate the process by setting up the survey to invite employees automatically based on their start date for Onboarding surveys or end date for Exit surveys. This saves you from inviting users individually. Learn more about automating survey invites for exit surveys here and for onboarding surveys here.

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