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Authenticated Capture for Surveys
Authenticated Capture for Surveys

Boost survey security with Authenticated Capture. Ensure only authenticated users respond, enhancing data integrity and privacy

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What can I learn from this page?

Guidance on enabling Authenticated Capture on your survey.

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Authenticated Capture is a security feature designed to enhance the integrity and privacy of survey responses within Culture Amp. Enabling Authenticated Capture is possible for Onboarding, Exit, or Attributed Engagement surveys.

What is Authenticated Capture?

Authenticated Capture ensures that survey respondents are authenticated before accessing and responding to a survey invitation. This means that respondents must be logged into Culture Amp to access the survey, preventing unauthorized access and ensuring data integrity.

Why Use Authenticated Capture?

  • Enhanced Security: Maintain strict data privacy and security by ensuring only authenticated employees can access the survey.

  • Privacy Concerns: Collect survey data only from verified employees, preventing unauthorized access.

  • Reliable Data: Ensure that survey responses are accurate and reliable by limiting participation to intended participants.

  • Compliance: Meet regulatory and internal policy requirements for data accuracy and privacy.

How to Enable Authenticated Capture

Authenticated Capture can be enabled at the account or survey level. To get Authenticated Capture up and running, just ping our Culture Amp Product Support team. Shoot us an email at or ask to speak with a specialist during your chat conversation. Let us know which survey you need the option enabled on, and we'll handle the rest.

Turning it Off or On After the Survey's Live

Yep, even after the survey's out there, we can still flip the switch to enable or disable it. Just give our support team a shout, tell us the survey name, and we'll work our magic.

User Experience

After Authenticated Capture is enabled, participants will still receive unique survey links, but when they click on the link to take the survey, they will be prompted to log in to their Culture Amp accounts first. You can learn more about the login process here.

Once the respondent has logged into the platform, they will be directed to the Welcome page of the survey.

Before turning on Authenticated Capture, respondents could simply click the link and take the survey. But now, they have to log in first, which helps make sure that that only authorized users can participate in the survey.

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๐Ÿ’ฌ Need further help? Just reply with "Ask a Person" in a Support Conversation to speak with a Product Support Specialist.

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