Configure relationship visibility for effectiveness 360 survey sections

What can I learn from this page? How to configure the visibility of question sections within a 360 Effectiveness Survey
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With Individual Effectiveness or your custom 360° style survey, you may want to configure particular section to only be answered by specific groups of individuals providing feedback.
When you go to edit a section in the survey design tool, you'll see a set of configuration options under Visibility. Each checkbox toggles if the section will show for each relationship. For example, in the default Individual Effectiveness template, the "Manager Feedback" section is setup to only be visible to Direct Reports. Similarly, you can use this functionality to include questions only for an individual Manager(s) or Co-workers
The visibility options will also determine which sections are shown to the employee during their self-review. A section will always be visible during self-review if all relationship types are selectedHowever, if a section is set to visible for less than all the groups, e.g. only visible to direct reports, it will only show in the self-review if the employee has direct reports on their 360° process. This ensures a consistent experience for the employees taking the survey and later on when they are viewing their Feedback Report.
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