Guide to distributing kiosk codes

Once you have configured your survey to use kiosk codes, and you have exported them to Excel, here are some suggestions on how to successfully encourage people to take the survey at a kiosk.

  • Candy, candy, candy! Set up a bowl of treats near the kiosk computer/tablet and they will come
  • Print off everyone's codes and distribute small slips of paper to people so they have their code easily available to them. You probably shouldn't list everyone's codes in a public place as you want to be sure that people use the code assigned to them. You could also print off their name, and perhaps some demographics, in addition to the code so that you can be more certain that the right person is being given the right code.
  • Set up a schedule of who can take the survey when, based on people's shifts (or whatever works at that location). Allocating time during the work day for people to stop their regular work and take the survey will help with participation rates.
  • Have a person nominated to assist people who may need help reading or understanding the questions, or need help with using the kiosk device
  • Consider a mail out to people's homes, with a link to the survey and their own code printed on the letter. You can provide more instructions this way, and people have the information they need to take the survey at home on a PC, or on a smartphone or tablet, etc
  • Consider putting the survey link on a poster, or turning the link into a QR Code so people can use their phones to take the survey, rather than visit a designated kiosk.

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