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How to download a raw data extract 

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Survey Data Analyst


A raw data extract contains the identities of people who took the survey, and can only be downloaded when they saw the warning text prior to taking the survey. If this checkbox was not used for a survey, then the options for downloading the raw data extract will not be visible. If a de-identified data extract is required, please contact

The file exported is in a CSV format and contains data gathered from the survey, such as ratings (numbers 1 through 5), whether a rating question was skipped (shown as -1), comments related to rating questions (shown as column adjacent to rating question), and any free text comment questions. The file also contains the timestamp of when the survey was submitted, as well as any demographic data about the participant.

Any Survey Data Analyst can perform a raw data extract, using either of these methods:

1.  Operations page when configuring a survey to click the Extract Data button:


2. Export drop-down from reports:


With either method, a confirmation will be presented, warning the user that this activity will be tracked:

Clicking Export will start the download process to create a CSV file. We recommend these files are treated with care so that only people in your organization who need to see the raw data have access to the file.

Any raw data extracts are displayed on the Audit Log page:


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