Multiple choice questions report

Surveys that include single-select or multi-select questions display results on the Multiple Choice Questions report.


The report shows the frequency that people chose specific answers. Only the top three selections will be displayed; you can view details on additional responses by clicking Show More to expand the display.


As with rating questions, you can use the Add filter button to narrow down your results. You can then compare this smaller group with the rest of the organization using the Comparison column.

The comparison column on the far right (if added) reflects the difference in response frequency (as percentage points) between your filtered results and the overall organization; the longer the bar, the bigger the difference in frequency. You can hover over the comparison bar to see the actual percentage point difference between the two.

As with the Rating Questions report, you can sort the report by clicking the column headers. The report can be exported to various formats; by default, all selections are displayed in the exports, instead of just the top three most frequently selected items.

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