Open peer-to-peer feedback

Receiving Notifications:

When someone you work with provides you with feedback, you'll receive an email notification and an in-app notification that you received new feedback. Clicking on either of them will lead you to the feedback to open. Depending on how your administrator configured the system, you may need points to open the feedback. Note that you primarily earn points by giving feedback to a colleague.​

Now that you've read your feedback:

  • You can like the feedback and/or comment on the feedback. If you like or comment on the feedback, the system sends a notification to the feedback sender. Asking for context, clarification, recommendations or even suggesting an in person conversation are all great ideas for commenting on feedback.
  • You can share the feedback with anyone in the company.
  • You can provide feedback on the feedback itself by clicking on the 'Is this feedback useful?' button. Here you can select some of the reasons why the feedback was useful and how the feedback could be more useful.


A couple of things to note:

  • Peer-to-peer feedback is only visible to the receiver. Any feedback you receive from your colleagues is only visible to you and the person who provided the feedback unless you decide to share it with someone.
  • If your administrator enabled points, it will cost you points to open feedback. You can earn points by giving feedback to others or by replying to your colleagues' questions about the feedback you provided to them.

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