Translate Comments to English

We now have the ability to translate your comments to English.



Our first release of this feature offers translation of comments from their original language to English using an automated 3rd party translation service (Google Translate).

At the time of publication, Google translates over 100 languages. Any comments written in any of these languages will be able to be translated into English.



We know there are two major pain points with comments in other languages during the analysis phase:

1. Our English-speaking HR business partners are unable to read all comments if written in other languages therefore unable to do the proper analysis without having to outsource translations. 

2. Our text analytics features are not able to accurately applied to non-English comments leaving comments written in other languages out of the full picture. 

Until now, we did not have anything to address these issues



To enable translations feature on your account you can do this via the Account Admin section
Click on Report settings

Go to the Comments Translations section

After reading the disclaimer check the Enable Comments Translation box

(please note you only need to do this once for your account for translations to be enabled at account level)




To view comments translated to English go to the Comments Report

Check the Translate comments to English box to translate all comments


You can then filter through the English comments via their original language using the drop down filter Any Language 



You will be able to identify which comments were translated by the icon on the left of the comment box



To view comments in their original language you simply uncheck the box.
You can also filter on comments based on their original language.


What’s Coming

Exports – adding a column in our export feature for you to be able to identify & sort on different languages

Translate in multiple languages – allowing you to translate comments into any language.  This allows non english speaking HR Business Partners to do the analysis of comments also

Translations across comments report – showing the translations within Emerging Themes or anywhere else we show comments



Who can use translations?

Everyone is able to see and use the translation feature on comments reports and shared reports providing the Survey admin has enabled the feature on the account via report settings.

Is it available on all surveys?

This feature is available on all surveys except Effectiveness 360's and Performance surveys.

Is it enabled at account or survey level?

Once you have allowed translations on your account the toggle to translate your comments will be available on all surveys.  You will however need to check the box to translate your comments within the comment report on each individual survey.

Why aren't all my comments translated?

Translation of your comments happens at a report level (not view level) so when you check the "translate my comments box" any eligible comments will be translated. However, It is likely that some of your comments are in a language our Google does not support.  If you're seeing comments in their original language please check the table above to see if that language is supported. 

Can I translate comments into other languages?

Not yet, but this feature is coming

Why isn't the translation shown in the Emerging Themes tab?

For our first release we have included those comments that were able to be translated into English in our Emerging themes feature.  Those comments that were written in languages we don't support were not clustered. The work to be able to view your comments in English within the emerging themes tab is ongoing. 


For any other questions, please contact our support staff 



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