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Guide for bulk uploading participants to your attributed survey
Guide for bulk uploading participants to your attributed survey

A how to guide for bulk importing your surveys participant list

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A how to guide for bulk importing your surveys participant list

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


There are instances where customers find themselves launching surveys to a particular group of people in the platform. The Participants page currently supports the ability to select all or to manually select each individual participant (in some cases you can also select by demographic groups). There are situations where neither of these options are feasible.

To support customers in these instances, we do have an upload process available to select your participants in bulk.

We can complete this process for a draft or live survey. If your survey is live and you'd like us to bulk select an additional group of participants, once the process is completed, you'll need to click on the Confirm new participants' button that will appear towards the top of the Participants page to confirm their participation and trigger their invites if applicable.

The turnaround time for this process is normally pretty quick (24 hours or less), but please allow 2 - 3 working days just in case.

Preparation of your file

So that we can bulk upload (select) your participants, we'll need a simple list of all your participants' unique identifiers in CSV format.

The file only need consist of 1 or 2 columns (depending on the unique identifiers you use)

  • If all participants have an Email address: 1 column file (column header "email")

  • If all participants only have an Employee Id and no Email address): 1 column file (column header "employee id")

  • If you have a mixture of participants (some with Email addresses only, some with Employee Id's only and some with both): 2 column file (column headers "email" & "employee id")
    โ€‹In this case, populate the relevant identifier for each participant (if a participant has both an email and employee id, you can provide one or the other, or both; as long as one of the columns has one of their identifiers that will work for us).

Example (email only):


Example (employee id only):


Example (mixture):


Example (mixture 1):


Uploading your file

The bulk import (select) process currently needs to be completed by Culture Amp Product Support. Please get in touch with the team to initiate this process.

Once completed, we'll be back in touch to let you know and confirm any next steps.

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