User Roles and Permissions in Performance

Information about the different Admin roles and permissions available in Performance

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Information about the different Admin roles and permissions available in Performance

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Performance Admin


  • Performance permissions do not impact Engagement, Effectiveness, and Experience surveys. An admin may have performance admin permissions added without account admin permissions. Learn more about permissions on the rest of the platform in Account Settings & Administration

From an administrative point of view, there are three permissions-based roles a user can have in Culture Amp Performance, each with varying levels of access to employee information:

Performance Administrator

As a performance admin, you have the ability to manage and access everything on the Performance side of your account. However in order to be able to administer employee data or assign the roles detailed below, you will need to have the Account Administrator role, which is the only role that can grant access to others.

Perform HR Business Partner (Perform HRBP)

As the HR business partner, you have Admin rights but only for specific department(s) assigned to you. You will be able to access information related to performance review, self-reflections and more.

Department Goal Creator

As a department goal creator, you can create and manage department goals for employees in the department(s) you are assigned to. Department goal creators cannot create, edit, or view other features such as performance reviews, self-reflections or employee information.

Culture Amp Performance also leverages the manager hierarchy from the user upload to ensure all members of your workforce only have access to the sections of the platform that are relevant to them. e.g. if a Performance user does not manage direct reports, they will not see any sections pertaining to management of direct reports.


  • Typically encompasses the majority of your workforce who would be considered to be individual contributors, i.e. they do not have anyone that reports to them.


  • This is the next access level up, it provides additional sections on team-based reporting and unlocks additional functionality such as Manager Requested Feedback.

Performance Administrator feature access

Performance Reviews and Self-Reflections

  • Manage reviews & self-reflections: Launch, Complete (on behalf of others) and End

  • Evaluation dashboards to view completion and overall ratings

  • Self reflection dashboards to view completion, read by manager, commented and incomplete items

  • Calibration views: Create and Share


  • Manage all company and department goals

Perform HR Business Partner feature access

Performance Reviews and Self-Reflections

  • Reviews and self reflections: Complete (on behalf of others) within the departments assigned to them.

  • Evaluation dashboards to view completion and overall ratings within the departments assigned to them.

  • View self-reflections within the departments they are assigned to.

  • Calibration views: Create, Share and *View
    *Perform HRBPs cannot view calibration views (unless shared), where the view includes performance reviews outside of their scope, i.e if it includes performance reviews from departments other than the ones they’re assigned to


  • Manage department goals for the departments assigned to them.


  • View manager-requested feedback of people within the departments assigned to them.

  • Request feedback on behalf of managers within the departments assigned to them.​

Note: Just a heads up, you can't assign someone as both a Perform HRBP and Performance Admin in the platform anymore. However, you might still see some users with both roles. Here's the deal: if a user has both Performance Admin + Perform HRBP permissions, they can add ANY participant to a cycle. But they'll only see and manage data for employees in the departments they're assigned to under the Perform HRBP role.

How to manage roles

Only Account Administrators can change the roles of others.

  1. Click on Settings and select Roles and Permissions

  2. Click Assign Role

  3. Search and select the person you want to update a role for.

  4. You will see the roles that this user currently has assigned. Select the role(s) you wish to assign them and click Save.

  5. If you select Performance Administrator, you will be unable to also select HR Business Partner or Department goal creator, as these do not provide any additional access beyond that of Performance Administrator.

  6. If you select HR Business Partner or Department goal creator, you must also assign them to specific department(s). You can filter the list of departments by typing part of the department name. You can also select all shown departments by choosing Select All.


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