Guide to Continuous Feedback Template Customisation

How to customise the continuous give feedback templates

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How to customise the continuous give feedback templates

Who is this guide for?

Performance Admin


Culture Amp can work with Performance enabled customers (specifically Performance Administrators) who are using the Continuous Feedback feature to customise the questions asked in the templates presented when users give unsolicited feedback.


Question customisation:

  • only available for the templates presented when users trigger the Give Feedback option. For Request Feedback, users are required to add their own specific question(s) to trigger the request.

Customisation limitations:

  • The customisation is limited in terms of structure; we only offer the ability to customise

    • the wording of the questions (including the ability to add an answer drop down (to select from multiple answers in a drop down list - see example screenshot below)

    • the number of questions presented per template

    • the order the templates appear

    • the number of templates

Character Count:

  • There is a minimum character count of 5 (including spaces) for each feedback field. If a user enters under 5 characters they'll see a little warning and it won't be possible for the feedback to be submitted

How it Works

If you'd like to include additional feedback templates or customise the default template set, please populate a copy of this document prior to sending it back to Culture Amp Product Support.

We will use the content you've provided to create the new templates and upload them to your account.

You can usually expect completion within 2 - 3 business days.

Default Template Set

Template 1


Template 2


Template 3


Template 4


Template 5


Drop Down List Example


Need further help? Contact our Culture Amp Support team via email: or ask to speak with a support specialist during your live chat conversation.

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