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An overview of the platform reports page

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An overview of the platform reports page

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Report Viewers

Employees and managers can access the Reports page if they have been given access to survey results. Reports access is done by Administrators using the Sharing feature for Experience and Engagement modules. For any 360 surveys, access to reports depends on whether you are a coach for an employee, or whether the employee has shared their report with you.

Account Administrators can see every survey report, and Survey Administrators can see reports for the surveys that they have been assigned to administer.

The Reports page displays Current reports first for surveys that are still open, and recently closed surveys. View older reports by clicking the Archived link.

If you have a lot of reports, you can filter by Report Type which is a grouping of surveys by module.

  • Engagement - engagement surveys, wellbeing surveys, inclusion surveys, benefits surveys, values surveys

  • Experience - candidate surveys, onboarding surveys, intern surveys, exit surveys

  • Effectiveness - 360s, team effectiveness, manager effectiveness surveys

Click View Report button to view the survey results.

Don't Have Any Reports to View?

The surveys and reports you have access to are determined by the Account Administrator or Survey Administrator. If you believe you're missing access to a survey's results, please contact your HR representative or the Culture Amp Support Team at

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