Guide for bulk importing Inspirations

A guide for importing custom inspirations in bulk

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A guide for importing custom inspirations in bulk

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Culture Amp are able to help you tailor your inspiration engine for a particular survey via a bulk import process (Excel/CSV).

If you have a large amount of edits you'd like to make to the inspiration engine for a particular survey, simply reach out to our Product Support Team and ask for the Inspiration export from your survey.

Inspiration exports and imports can be actioned by the Culture Amp team at any point after your survey design is complete (draft, live or closed).

After reviewing the information below, populate the file and send it back to Product Support. We'll then be in touch with the next steps.


  • Custom inspirations can be bulk uploaded and deleted based on whether they are included in the import or not.

  • If custom Inspirations are not in the spreadsheet being uploaded, they will be deleted

  • Custom inspirations can be manually deleted and un-mapped from the Inspirations page of your survey

  • The import replaces and is not additive

  • Inspiration imports can be completed at any point after your survey design is complete (draft, live or closed).

  • Culture Amp inspirations cannot be deleted but can be bulk un-mapped based on whether they are included in your import file or not.

  • Culture Amp inspirations can be manually un-mapped from the surveys Inspirations page > untick the check box under the Mapped column

Character limits

To ensure that the file can be read properly when it is imported, the below columns must not exceed the character limits:

  • Inspiration Title - 44 characters incl. spaces

  • Inspiration Excerpt - 78 characters incl. spaces

  • Inspiration Description - 5000 characters incl. spaces, roughly 60-80 words. Links can be inserted using markdown: [link text](

Note: Markdown is a formatting language used to create hyperlinks. In Markdown, you can create a link by placing the text you want to be clickable in square brackets followed by the URL in parentheses. For instance, [link text]( would create a hyperlink where "link text" is clickable and directs the user to the URL "" when clicked.

Preparation of your file

After you've received the inspiration export for your particular survey from our Product Support Team your template will look similar to below:


Column headers in file (description of values in parentheses below):

  • Id: unique Id associated with the question shown in column B. If you are adding multiple inspirations for the same question, duplicate the Id exactly as the original.

  • Question text: survey question the inspiration will be associated with

  • Inspiration title: 2 - 5 words that serve as a label. Example: 'Peer Recognition'

  • Inspiration excerpt: 5 - 7 words that briefly describe the action.

  • Inspiration description: should begin with a verb in present tense, e.g. Start, Implement, Organise. State the action first and follow up with descriptive content. Example: 'Enable employees to recognise peers for exemplifying company values. One company issues awards for living the values. Employees nominate individuals whose behaviours demonstrate one of the company values.....'

  • Inspiration partner code: if populated please disregard but leave in situ; internal use only. Leave blank otherwise.

  • Inspiration Id: if populated please disregard but leave in situ; internal use only. Leave blank otherwise.

Multiple language support

If your survey results are available in multiple languages and you'd like to provide translations for your custom inspirations, please visit our guide here after completion of the above.

Note: without the inspiration translation task being completed, report viewers assigned to a supported locale other than our default โ€œenโ€ will not see any of the inspirations in their view.

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