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An overview of the inspiration engine and how to use this to address focus areas and take action on your survey results

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An overview of the inspiration engine and how to use this to address focus areas and take action on your survey results

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What is the Inspiration Engine?

Culture Amp developed the Inspiration Engine to provide decision-makers with community-derived and real-world tested ideas for addressing specific focus areas related to employee experiences. The Inspiration Engine is a curated list of micro learnings and ideas for action- easy to digest ideas and actions that our customers and others in our community have used with their employees. Inspirations are written to allow for simple replication and customization by users. They are also succinct so that managers and teams can efficiently peruse a list of ideas and pick those that best fit their team's needs and goals.
When a manager selects a focus area, our platform automatically surfaces the appropriate inspirations. Managers are able to read through the ideas for action, select those that resonate, and edit to put into their own words. Our Inspiration engine continues to grow as more customers engage with their teams to digest survey results, identify key focus areas, and work with their teams to come up with strategies for improving employee experiences. When new, innovative ideas are identified within our People Geek community, we update the Inspiration engine - so this platform is dynamic rather than static and will never grow stale.


When the survey closes and decision-makers review their results and identify a focus, it can be difficult to know what actions to take. Organizations are often left dedicating internal HR resources to support managers in moving from digesting surveys results to determining what action to take to make a positive change. Some consulting and survey technology firms have tried to help their customers by putting together lists of 'best practices' for addressing specific focus areas, sourced from generic case studies, journal articles, or external (compensated) ideation sessions.

Our Take

While we support the idea of providing decision-makers with resources to move efficiently from results to action, we think there is a superior way without relying on consultants and/or business school generated case studies. Decision-makers will experience more value from learning what has worked for others in similar positions who have wrestled with comparable challenges.

By surfacing real-world examples of effective and creative actions, we intend to both enable managers to move quickly toward action and to inspire them to experiment with variations of existing inspirations. We intentionally refer to the database as an Inspiration Engine. It is not a list of 'best practices', but rather a set of ideas for inspiring managers and their teams to think creatively about the actions they might take based on employee feedback.

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