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Use the custom report to build multi-demographic heatmaps
Use the custom report to build multi-demographic heatmaps

How to build a custom heatmap

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How to build a custom heatmap

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The Culture Amp platform allows you to visually explore your data to spot demographic hotspots, microcultures and trends using heatmaps. You can read some more on how heatmaps work here.

Once you've dug into our standard heatmaps (see here for ideas on how to do so), you may want to use our Custom report to build multi-demographic heatmaps. Here are a couple of different examples where you might like to use a custom heatmap:

  • You've run an Inclusion Survey, and you'd like to explore how intersectional identities experience your organization's culture, e.g. women of color, which combines the Race/Ethnicity and Gender demographics.

  • You've run an Engagement Survey, and you'd like to explore how combining demographics like department, tenure, and location can help you dig into your results.


Before you build a custom heatmap, we recommend asking yourself, "Will this heatmap help me take action on my results?" It's easy to spend time looking at cut after cut and end up in analysis paralysis, so make sure each view is helping you move toward action.

How to build a custom heatmap

  1. Click Heatmap on the left hand side of your Administrator Report.

  2. Click "Custom" from the sub-menu under the Heatmap heading.

  3. Click Add demographic group.

  4. Write a label for your column in the Column Label field.

  5. Add the criteria you'd like to include in your columns: pick the demographic you want to pull in, then select one of the options within that demographic.

  6. Once you've added all the criteria you want, click Add demographic group.

  7. Repeat for as many columns as you'd like to add.



  • If you want to select multiple options within one demographic, you'll need to select each option as a new line of criteria (up to a maximum of 5)

  • The maximum number of demographic groups (columns) that can be added to a custom heatmap is 21

  • If the number of responses in the column you create does not meet the reporting group minimum, that line of data will appear as not available in the heatmap

  • If you'd like to save the heatmap for future viewing or share with a fellow Culture Amp administrator, copy the URL of the page

  • If you'd like to export the heatmap, click "Export" in the upper right hand corner

  • For Leader based reports (hierarchy reports), the data in a custom heatmap only relates to Direct Reports. The feature does not yet support Full Reporting Line.

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