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Guide to promoting your survey before launch
Guide to promoting your survey before launch

A guide to promoting your survey before launch

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A guide to promoting your survey before launch

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Here are some ideas to help you plan your survey communications, and generate excitement about your upcoming survey. The internal marketing campaign of the survey will help with participation as well as be part of the message about how your organization values feedback from your employees.

Communication Plan

We have templates available for Pre-Survey Communications and Post-Survey Communications, but you could also consider:

  • several different bursts of comms, building up the employee knowledge over time and revealing survey details closer to the launch date

  • using different comms channels appropriate for different audiences, such as intranet sites, emails, town hall meetings, department meetings, newsletter/bulletins, lunch and learn sessions, Slack channel, etc

  • trying new forms of comms such as text messages, videos, photos, music, posters, slide decks, banner ads in emails, whiteboards - whatever your people would find intriguing or appealing!

You may need to look at translating these comms, so don't forget to add time for this important task!

Best practices

  • Don't use the word 'anonymous' in your comms unless you're using an unattributed survey. Generally our surveys are not anonymous as we send personal survey links to people, so we know when they haven't taken the survey yet and can send them a reminder. We also track the demographics of people. Better to say 'confidential' and explain that responses are aggregated.

  • Remind people of the actions taken after your last survey to reassure people that the results for this survey are important and useful. This also helps inform people who may not have been around last time.


If you have time and maybe a Designer in your team you could consider creating a separate brand identity for your survey. Whether it be the name, or a logo, or a mascot, a tag line, or something to make your comms stand out.

  • Do your people like puns using your organization name?

  • Can you tie the brand to an existing organization value?

  • Is your reason/message about the survey more about encouraging employees to have their say, or more about leaders listening and learning?

  • Can you tie the survey to a strategic initiative or change management program?

Fun ideas to encourage participation

  • Everyone loves candy or chocolate! Leave a surprise on people's desks on launch day with a note to thank them for the gift of their feedback.

  • Want the CEO or a VP to dress up in a tutu/fairy wings/sing a karaoke song? Think of a 'fun reward' that brings people together and motivates them to take the survey.

  • Our innovative customer Deezer created a playlist for their survey announcement - WOW!

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