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2022 Culture Amp Updates and New Releases
2022 Culture Amp Updates and New Releases

Information on our product updates and new releases through the year 2022

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A running list of Product Updates through 2022

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Enhanced Reporting on Development Objectives


With new reporting, you can strengthen your workforce planning and better inform your development initiatives. Pulled directly from the development plan, the data shows you employees’ real-time development objectives.

See the percentage of employees who want to:

  • Develop in their current role

  • Develop for a promotion

  • Develop for a different type of role at your organization

  • Explore options

  • Something else

Filter the data by demographic variables to gain even deeper insights to drive your employee development strategy.

Visualize Performance Insights Across Your Company


With Performance Insights you can quickly understand trends in your company’s performance outcomes. The demographic filtering allows you to easily spot groups that are performing well and those that might need more support. If you’re not sure how to interpet your results, we’ve included science backed guidance directly in the product to help. The insights can help identify potential biases or inconsistencies in your performance data, so you know where to focus calibration conversations in order to create a more fair and equitable process.

Enhanced Comment Analysis


We’ve made enhancements to the sentiment analysis model that sits behind our Engagement Survey Comments Report, lifting our classification accuracy very close to the level of expert humans.

With this more accurate understanding of the sentiment of employee comments, you can quickly, easily and confidently shape a compelling narrative from your data to gain leadership support for your initiatives.

This update will only apply to Engagement surveys launched after 14th November 2022, and will not be applied retroactively to previous surveys and their comments.

Learn more about comment analysis here.

Biannual Benchmark Releases


We’re now releasing our benchmark data more frequently, so you can contextualize your results using the most recent benchmark data available for your industry / regions.

You’ll now be able to compare against the 12 months to June 2022, rather than the 12 months to Dec 2021, so you can be confident you’re using benchmark data that captures changes to engagement in the first half of each year.

Within the platform, updated benchmarks will have the suffix “2022, June Update” (e.g. “New Tech 2022, June Update”). Superseded benchmarks will be kept in the platform in case they are still required by some customers. The process to add a benchmark comparison to a survey remains the same.

Learn more about benchmarks here.

Ready to increase retention and future-proof your business?

Grow and retain your people with the only personalized solution for effective, continuous development at scale.

"Develop's structure was helpful to guide the growth conversation, but also for thinking about a good plan to leave on. It felt really actionable."

M 1 - Develop Customer

Learning and Development Manager, M1

Try Our New Recognition Product - Shoutouts!

Shoutouts is our new real-time recognition tool that helps celebrate, socialize and reinforce behaviors to intentionally shape culture and drive employee retention. It helps:

  • Foster appreciation. Improve employee engagement by ensuring your people feel authentically recognized.

  • Scale culture. Drive culture change through your entire organization, even if it's remote first.

  • Shape behavior. Embed behavior through positive reinforcement and public recognition.

If you’d like to be one of the first to try it, register your interest.

Use Robust Reports to Show Development Impact and Inform L&D Strategy

Employees who don’t feel they have access to Learning and Development are 41% more likely to leave. But it’s often tricky to gain meaningful data from development programs. With new Develop reporting, you can:

  • Access data on employees’ development needs and interests to inform your L&D initiatives.

  • Measure effectiveness with real-time development confidence data, answering questions including “Do employees have a clear sense of their development goals?”.

  • Track development participation to understand adoption across your company.

  • Filter all data by demographic variables and timeframes, allowing for targeted action.

Use this reporting to easily understand and improve development programs to maximize talent, increase retention, and future-proof your business. Learn more.

Customize Development Plans with Your Core Competencies

You can now customize the Core Skills your employees can choose to develop in the development planning workflow. Use a simple admin interface to create, edit and delete Core Skills and groups. This helps you create a unique experience where employees are developing what’s most relevant and impactful for your organization. Learn more.

Note: If you do not wish to customize the Core Skills, you can use the default options provided by our People Science team.

Boost Adoption with an Improved Development Planning Experience

Increase development plan completion rates with a smoother, faster development planning workflow. Using customer feedback, we’ve both consolidated and removed steps within the Know Yourself and Build Your Plan experiences.

Remove Unwanted Development Plans

Delete a closed plan if needed, automatically deleting the goals associated with it.

Learn more about getting started with Develop here.

More Flexibility in the Review Cycle Set-Up Process

Peer feedback and upward feedback are now available separately to include in a performance review cycle. You can build a performance review process that is custom to your culture, easily determining the types of feedback to include, now with the flexibility to include one type of feedback, both types of feedback, or neither when scheduling a cycle, along with the manager review. Learn more about setting up performance cycles.

Make Reviewing Calibrations Easier with Full-Screen Mode

Calibration views now have a toggle that allows users to maximize the width of the screen. The full-screen mode means users can add in more relevant data points as columns and spend less time scrolling during their calibration discussions. Learn more about calibrations.

Increase Clarity in Self-Reflections with our New Visibility Explanation

The explanation, “will be visible to [name of direct report],” has been added to the self-reflection comment box to provide clarity, so managers know their comments will be immediately available to their direct reports. This will help avoid confusion for managers who are unsure whether to comment or not. Learn more.

Enhanced Accessibility of Heatmaps

Report viewers can now view Heatmaps in either red and green or blue and yellow color schemes, ensuring this popular analysis tool is equally accessible for all.

  • Users can easily toggle between color schemes depending on their needs or preferences.

  • Text weight distinctions enable users to easily identify differences in scores, where larger differences are indicated by heavier text.

The accessibility enhancements to our heatmaps were made in September 2022 and apply to all new and historical survey reports. Learn more.

Improve Completion Rates with our Redesigned Survey Welcome Page

Our new Welcome Page helps improve survey completion rates by helping you to:

  • Highlight the purpose of your survey through the prominent presentation of your welcome message.

  • Streamline your data safety information by enabling your respondents to view the survey settings and privacy policy via an on-page modal.

The redesigned survey welcome page is available for all new surveys created from September 2022 onwards. Learn more.

Build Best Practice Surveys with Survey Questions Export.

Surveys are more likely to be successful when there is broad buy-in from stakeholders across your business. Generating this buy-in often starts with collaboration on survey design. We’ve added the ability to export all your survey questions to Microsoft Excel, so you can:

  • Quickly collaborate across stakeholders to ensure surveys meet their unique needs.

  • Easily align your company around a best practice survey approach that will deliver accurate, actionable, and benchmarkable insights.

You’ll be able to export survey questions from the survey design landing page and the survey designer interface from October 2022 onwards. Learn more.

Increase Transparency with a Fresh Way to View Goals

With Culture Amp, anyone can now easily see their personal, departmental, and business goals in a clear hierarchy view, also known as a goal tree. Learn more.

This new way to visualize goals helps to:

  • Keep teams on track and in sync. Coordinate your teams by visualizing their goals and progress and highlighting dependencies.

  • Track your teams’ progress in real-time and identify resourcing issues or at-risk projects before they become a problem.

  • Show your teams how their work contributes to company objectives and empower them to make fast, impactful decisions.

Copy Goals to Increase Alignment with Team or Company Goals

Our People Scientists recommend employees coordinate personal goals with team or company goals to improve organizational alignment. To make it easier to mirror wording between goals, we’ve built a copy feature that duplicates existing goals. Learn more.

Easily Find and Update Your Personal and Business Goals

Goals now remembers your filters in and between visits so you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off next time you work on your goals.

Spotlight 1-on-1 Agenda Items with Rich Text Formatting

With rich text formatting in your 1-on-1 agenda, you can now bold, underline or italic text to draw attention to the most important items. You can also link to external documents directly from an agenda item, ensuring you have everything you need for a successful meeting in one place. Learn more about 1-on-1s.

Automate Your Employee Data Sync with New Integrations

Save time keeping data up-to-date with our new native integrations with Ceridian and Paylocity. Learn more about our integrations.

Introducing Develop: Grow and Retain Your People

We’re excited to introduce Develop by Culture Amp, our new employee development solution built for the future.

Develop and retain your people with the only effective solution for personalized, continuous growth. You’ll have all the data and tools you need to supercharge the employee experience – all in one easy, scalable platform. Develop will enable you to:

  • Motivate employees with personalized development plans

  • Upskill managers to foster continuous growth

  • Prioritize L&D initiatives and demonstrate impact

Learn more about getting started with Develop here.

Gain Visibility into the Success of Your Development Planning

Development plans are often spread across multiple documents, which means there’s no clear way to track the success of development planning. Culture Amp is changing this. With Develop, admins can easily measure the impact of the development planning process on employees’ attitudes toward their professional growth.

A live in-platform insights dashboard shows you data for employee development confidence and long-term job clarity. With this simple-to-use dashboard, you don’t need to be a data analyst to quickly understand how employees are engaging in the development planning process across your company.

Compare to Top-Performing Organizations

Our 2022 Benchmarks have been released! You can now access 1700+ benchmarks as direct comparisons in the Culture Amp platform. They provide valuable insights into the cultures of top-performing organizations in your sector, region and more, so you can contextualize your own results and set meaningful Engagement goals for the future.

You can also see key insights and takeaways across all our benchmarks here.

Drive Employee Participation

Survey capture touches all your employees so we’ve improved the experience by making the Welcome Page more visually appealing. Also, for customers with Skills Coach enabled, your employees will be prompted to explore the Skills Coach course “Essential Productivity” on the Thank You page that is displayed at survey completion.

Empower Survey Data Analysts with Updated Permissions

Survey Data Analyst role description and permissions have been updated to ensure analysts have exclusive permission to download data for any survey where raw data extract (RDE) is enabled, regardless of whether they have other permissions at the survey level.

Capture More Context in Your Performance Calibrations

Calibrations are the key to equitable performance reviews. We’ve made them easier to run with the ability to take notes directly within Calibrations for precise record keeping of decisions made. We’ve also added pre- and post-assessment ratings to improve the transparency of your calibration process.

More to come on Calibrations in the second half of 2022.

Learn more about calibrations here.

Access “Direct Reports” Goals

Managers can easily access their direct reports’ goals via the menu bar. The new ”Direct Reports” goal tab is visible to all managers with direct reports.

Learn more about goals.

Make 1-on-1s More Flexible

We’ve made 1-on-1s easier to use with rich text editing in shared notes and the ability to edit 1-on-1 dates. Reminder emails will now be sent on weekdays only to make it easier to keep on top of your schedule.

We’ll be continuing to make improvements to 1-on-1s throughout the rest of 2022.

Learn more about 1-on-1 conversations here.

Automate Your Employee Data Sync with HiBob

Save time keeping employee data up-to-date with our new native integration with HiBob. We’ve also added more guidance and tooltips on the ‘Import Your Data’ tile on the homepage to ensure your data sync is working correctly.

Tailored Guidance on the Home Screen

We’ve made Discover Tiles smarter by surfacing those most relevant to where you’re at in your Culture Amp journey

If you’re logging into the platform for the very first time, you’ll be presented with the “Get the most out of Culture Amp” (Culture Amp Training) tile. Or, if you’ve recently closed a survey, you’ll be presented with the “Get expert advice on understanding your survey results” tile.

Introducing Develop: Employee Development Built for the Future

Grow and retain your people with the only personalized solution for effective, continuous development. Backed by rigorous people science, Develop by Culture Amp makes professional growth measurable, scalable, and easy. Gain key L&D data to plan initiatives and demonstrate impact. And empower managers and employees to have productive conversations and define clear, motivating growth plans.

Develop is currently available in English at an additional cost for customers who already have Perform. Please register your interest, and we’ll follow up when availability expands.

Motivate Employees with Personalized Development Workflows

Empower managers and employees to define clear, personalized development plans that align employees’ motivators and goals with business needs. Employees can identify education, exposure, and experience that genuinely develop and motivate. Simple, science-backed flows help everyone enjoy an equal, fair development planning experience.

Stay Organized with Centralized, Adaptable Development Plans

Provide managers and employees easy access to the development plan, making it simple to revisit and adapt. Plus, new managers can quickly review employees’ plans to keep growth goals on track.

Prioritize Initiatives and Demonstrate Impact with Valuable L&D Data

Prioritize development initiatives and show positive impact with a consolidated view of development activities, effectiveness, and needs – all in one central dashboard.*

  • Track development activities with data on plan creation, goal setting, updates, goal completion, and more.

  • Measure the impact of development conversations and planning on your employees’ attitudes and behavior.

  • View the most pressing development needs across your business to prioritize L&D initiatives.

Note: to be released second half of 2022.

Foster Continuous Growth with Trackable Development Goals

Encourage continuous growth and motivation with development goals employees can set and update right on the platform. Plus, celebrate progress in Performance reviews, enhancing performance discussions and informing talent decisions.

Facilitate Productive Growth Conversations with Science-Backed Guidance

Help managers and employees have high-quality growth conversations with their direct reports. Built directly into the tool, key advice from our people scientists supports them throughout the development process.

Save Time with More Efficient Calibrations

We’ve made a whole host of updates to streamline the calibration experience for everyone involved and save you precious time. Learn more about calibrations here.

Updates include:

  • Filter and columns that persist

  • The ability to remove unnecessary columns

  • The ability to filter out inactive employees

  • New hover text

  • Direct links to an employee’s profile

  • New pagination

Launch Performance Cycles with Confidence Using the Review Page

Customers can now review their entire performance cycle during the set-up process. You’ll be able to preview and edit questions, as well as review the schedule and communications timeline. Learn more about launching a performance review cycle.

Access Expert Guidance while you Set Up Your Review Cycle

All of our performance customers will now find guidance embedded directly in the platform as they set up their performance review cycles. Created by our expert people science team, you’ll save time and reduce errors with these best practice tips available at your fingertips.

Gain More Flexibility with 1-on-1s

In the first of many updates we’ll be releasing this year to make 1-on-1s more flexible, managers and direct reports can now reorder agenda items. Learn more about 1-on-1 conversations.

Save Time and Effort by Keeping Employee Data Up-to-Date Through Integrations and Guidance

We now offer a native integration with Gusto and a streamlined SFTP integration with TriNet. We’ve also added more in-product guidance and tooltips to the 'import your data' tile on the homepage, which will guide you through the process to ensure your data sync is working correctly. These updates will not only save you time and effort, but they will also help to ensure that you have the highest quality data powering all your employee experience insights in our platform.

Make the Right Decisions with Trusted Data from Our Best Practice Surveys

For Engage customers, we now offer best practice advice embedded directly in the product to guide you through the survey design process. With this guidance from our People Science team at your fingertips, you can be confident that you’ll always have accurate and actionable data to inform your decision-making around the entire employee experience.

Improve Communication and Drive Action with Data Visualization Exports

We’re aware that some customers take screenshots of the various Engage reporting visualizations we offer. We aim to make this much quicker and easier for you by enabling the export of Participation and Trend charts, Likert scales, Heatmaps, and Comment Themes. You can download these visualizations directly from a report, or simply copy and paste them into a document or presentation in just two clicks.

Distribute Data with Ease by Exporting Filtered Comments

Previously, when you went to export comments to csv, the platform would apply the demographic filters, but not the filters around the question, topic, or sentiment. We’ve now fixed this so that you can export comments to csv and have the export respect all the filters you might apply.

Upskill Your People with New Skills Coach Courses

New courses include Essential Productivity & Leading Change, with skills broken down into bite-sized chunks that seamlessly integrate into the flow of work. Learn more about Skills Coach.

💬 Have any questions? Simply reply with “Ask a Person” in a Support Conversation to speak directly with a Product Support Specialist.

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