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Employee Development Product Updates 2024
Employee Development Product Updates 2024

A running list of employee development product updates through 2024

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A running list of employee development product updates through 2024

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Keep an eye out for new product updates in 2024! In the meantime, you can check out our 2023 Product Updates.

11 July 2024 - Development Planning Report Upgrades

We've upgraded the development planning report to make it easier to track adoption. Admins now have a simple summary of the status of all employee’s development plans and can filter the various reporting pages based on the status of plans. Learn more.

19 June 2024 - Career Paths framework view improvements

We've made it easier to view and configure role expectations with these updates: improved page layout for better viewing on small screens, a new track filter to focus on relevant content, and a new view toggle for admins to switch between admin and employee views of the framework. Learn more.

24 April 2024 - Development Manager Suggestion

We've implemented a new feature which automatically suggests an employee's line manager as their coach when creating a development plan. This improvement not only streamlines the process but also ensures better manager selection, ultimately enhancing the user experience. Note that employees still retain the option to manually change their development manager if needed.

3 April 2024 - Role-Based Development plans

Employees can now link their development plans to any available role in Career Paths. This allows them to browse through the linked competencies—helping them better understand their strengths and growth areas. They can also directly access relevant learning resources tied to the competencies they choose to focus on. Learn more.

19 March 2024 - Update Development Manager Prompt

We've introduced an in-platform prompt in the form of a banner to assist employees when editing their development plans. Now, if a development plan lacks a designated manager, the system prompts the employee to select one. Learn more.

5 February 2024 - Customizable Role Labels for Career Paths

Customers can now customize role level indicators in Career Paths to match their internal job codes. Aligning level indicators with internal job codes lets employees quickly and easily see where their roles fit into the broader organizational hierarchy. Learn more.

26 January 2024 - Development Resources has been decommissioned

Previously, Development Resources was a great way to upload content such as articles and videos for users to access and help them on their development journeys.

In recent months, we’ve significantly improved our employee development products, including Develop, Skills Coach, and Playbooks. These drive meaningful individual growth and, by integrating with the Culture Amp platform, make it easy for people leaders to track and drive development at scale. As a result, we have officially decommissioned the Development Resources feature.

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