Guide to Survey Launch: Question Design

Guidance on our template questions and how to design an effective survey

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Guidance on our template questions and how to design an effective survey

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Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators

Most customers start with a survey that asks questions on a broad range of topics. Question design is the start of all this. The objective is to establish a baseline of the culture and determine the company's strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Survey Templates

We provide some baseline survey templates: Quick Engagement Survey (18 questions) and Engagement Survey (57 questions). There are other templates available for Candidate survey, onboarding and exit surveys, plus many more. Our Engagement Survey Template gives the most detailed diagnostics and typically takes participants less than 10 minutes to complete so we usually suggest this as the starting point. You are free to edit these questions to make them sound more like your company language, you can also remove questions or add your own questions.

While you can modify any of the standard Culture Amp questions, keep in mind that these questions are 'benchmarked' so if you'd like to see how your company compares to those in Culture Amp's benchmark then you need to ensure you don't change the question so much that its meaning has changed.

Don't stress - we'll help you understand if a change you'd like means you won't be able to compare your results to the benchmark.

Your Homework

  1. Review the Survey Templates and decide if you would like to start with our templates, or use your own questions (you can also copy a prior survey you have run). You can also see the templates listed in Culture Amp when you click the Create survey button.

  2. Use the Create Survey button, or Duplicate option for an existing survey to select a template or prior survey

  3. Make your updates to the survey name and support details, reporting rules, questions, demographics or question types using the Communications, Reporting, Questions, and Demographic pages respectively. Consider our tips in the Survey Design Guide.

  4. Export your survey questions to excel or csv from the survey configuration page to collaborate across your stakeholder group to ensure your surveys meet their unique needs.

  5. Preview the survey and review internally.

  6. When you're happy with the questions, ask us to review them via email to check for clarity of language, question integrity, and whether the question can be benchmarked. A fresh set of eyes can also pick up any spelling errors, duplicate questions, etc.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Please send all of your correspondence to so that it gets recorded in our support system.

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