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Employee Development Product Updates 2023
Employee Development Product Updates 2023

A running list of employee development product updates through 2023

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A running list of Employee Development Product Updates through 2023

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11 December 2023 - Competency-based development plans (phase 1/2)

Phase 1/2 is now complete as we leap forward leap forward toward a more connected platform using competency-based development plans. Customers can now align employee growth to the specific competencies needed for organizational success. By integrating competencies into personalized development plans, we're empowering customers to strategically up-skill talent. Learn more.

1 November 2023 - Ready-made competency templates

Customers can now more easily share clear role expectations using our pre-made competency templates with access to over 100 competencies covering 12 common roles, ranging from engineering and finance to sales and customer support. Learn more

3 Oct 2023 - Pre-configure competency groups for development planning

Account admins can now pre-configure a base set of competencies to guide development planning. Admins will now be able to select these competencies as strengths and growth areas and link them to development goals. Starting in early 2024, all new development plans in the Culture Amp platform will be based on competencies instead of skills. This represents a significant improvement in development planning. It will enable organizational leaders to align individual development plans more closely with valued competencies and connect employees to relevant learning resources. Learn more

11 Jul 2023 - Enhanced Develop reporting: expanded admin access to development plans

Admins now have real-time access to active development plans, allowing them to drill down and take action to support managers and employees through the employee dashboard. This gives HR Admins the opportunity to support managers in finding meaningful development opportunities for employees. Learn more.

11 Jul 2023 - Career Paths - role exploration, competency library, and framework

Provide clarity and direction to your people with customizable competencies and roles. The competency framework and career tracks help employees recognize what is needed in their current role as well as what is required for their next role. Learn more.

11 Jul 2023 - Learning resources + Go1 courses

We are adding a ‘learning resources’ section to competencies. This allows admins to link relevant learning content to competencies within Career Paths.

14 April 2023 - Report Updates for Develop Insights

We have made improvements to the “manager review” step into the development planning flow. This will help Admins to ensure that managers are reviewing their plans with their employees to understand when managers need support in facilitating development conversations. Additionally, we have introduced the ability to allow admins to filter Participation and Insight reports by development managers who aren’t hierarchy managers. Learn more

12 April 2023 - Role Exploration, Competency Library, and Framework for Career Paths

Customers with Develop can now create and maintain a single source of truth for career paths, role descriptions, and competencies. This helps employees understand the available career paths as well as the responsibilities and expectations for each role. Employees and managers can use competency frameworks to clearly understand how expectations change as they move to different or more senior roles, which aids development planning. Learn more

26 Feb 2023 - Manager Review

Supporting your managers during development planning

We’ve included a new step in development plans, encouraging employees to review with their managers. The update includes adding states to development plans (Draft, Ready for Review, and Active), new notifications for managers, and expert guidance for managers on how they can coach and support employees. The updates provide helpful clarity and direction to managers during the development planning process. Learn more

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