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Employee Development Product Updates 2023
Employee Development Product Updates 2023

A running list of Employee Development Product Updates through 2023

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A running list of Employee Development Product Updates through 2023

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11 Jul 2023 - Enhanced Develop reporting: expanded admin access to development plans

Admins now have real-time access to active development plans, allowing them to drill down and take action to support managers and employees.

11 Jul 2023 - Career Paths - role exploration, competency library, and framework

Provide clarity and direction to your people with customizable competencies and roles. The competency framework and career tracks help employees recognize what is needed in their current role as well as what is required for their next role.

11 Jul 2023 - Learning resources + Go1 courses

We are adding a ‘learning resources’ section to competencies. This allows admins to link relevant learning content to competencies within Career Paths.

26 Feb 2023 - Manager Review

Supporting your managers during development planning

We’ve included a new step in development plans, encouraging employees to review with their managers. The update includes adding states to development plans (Draft, Ready for Review, and Active), new notifications for managers, and expert guidance for managers on how they can coach and support employees. The updates provide helpful clarity and direction to managers during the development planning process. Learn more

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