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Employee Engagement Product Updates 2024

A running list of Employee Engagement Product Updates through 2024

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A running list of Employee Engagement Product Updates through 2024

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Keep an eye out for new product updates in 2024! In the meantime, you can check out our 2023 Product Updates.

5 Jun 2024 - Results-to-action workshop template now available!

We've published a template that guides customers through simple activities to align stakeholders and prioritize actions following a survey. It is based on people science principles and can be used for company-wide and/or focused group actions. Learn more.

20 May 2024 - New Survey HR Business Partner Role

We’ve introduced a new Survey HR Business Partner role to securely support the engagement report sharing process without the risks of providing administrator access. This allows Account Admins to safely delegate report sharing. Learn more.

17 May 2024 - Reviewer notes now included in the Raw Data Extract for lifecycle surveys!

Our lifecycle surveys give Admin the option to write reviewer notes on the employee onboarding or exiting. Previously excluded from the raw data extract, these notes are now included, aiding in off-platform analysis. Learn more.

29 April 2024 - Comment Summaries powered by AI - GA Release!

AI comment summaries provide a quick and succinct overview of your participant’s comments appearing alongside your report results for any Engagement survey. AI comment summaries is our first Gen AI feature, made possible by our partnership with Google Vertex. This feature is now accessible to all customers in General Access! Learn more.

18 April 2024 - Discover groups with higher than expected turnover in Retention Insights

We’ve added a new feature to Retention Insights that enables customers to instantly identify groups with unusually high turnover - by highlighting groups where actual turnover is significantly higher than expected. Learn more.

17 April 2024 - Kiosk Mode UI Uplift

Exciting news! Our Kiosk Mode UI has been revamped for better user experience. Approximately 1 in 7 surveys are taken through Kiosk Mode. With this update, the UI now aligns seamlessly with the rest of our platform, featuring your customer logos at the top of the kiosk page and clearer error messages. Learn more.

3 April 2024 - Deprecation of Activity Timeline Feature

We've deprecated the Activity Timeline feature, used to track survey history. After careful evaluation of usage and feedback, we're retiring it to focus on more impactful enhancements. This change reflects our commitment to streamlining the platform for better user experience.

15 Feb 2024 - B-Corp benchmark is now live

The B-Corp benchmark is now live on our insights page! We are excited to share that it encompasses data from 120 companies, becoming a regular part of our benchmarks released every 6 months, including the standard benchmark, Top 10%, and Top 25%. Learn how to compare your survey data to this benchmark here.

2 Feb 2024 - Preview retention metrics across demographics with the new Demographic Inspector

Retention Insights users can now select a demographic in the Turnover by Group section to preview key retention metrics, such as top reasons for leaving. As a part of this uplift, we’ve also taken the opportunity to consolidate all page configurations into the Data sources tab. Learn more.

31 Jan 2024 - 2024 Benchmarks now live

Our latest benchmark updates (for the period 1st January 2023 - 31st December 2023) are now available in the platform & Culture Amp Insights.

17 Jan 2024 - Home Connect Feed now live

The new Your Feed section on the Home page simplifies the way you interact with our platform by bringing together crucial insights and updates in one centralised location. No more hopping between different product pages – now you get timely, relevant information right where you need it most. Learn more.

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