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Guidance on the different development resources available to you in Performance

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Information on the different development resources available to you in Performance

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One of the most powerful ways to enhance performance and drive success is through the effective use and alignment of goals. Logging your goals in Culture Amp helps you effectively document and keep track of your progress, as well as align your goals to broader business priorities! Settings goals is also known to increase our feelings of self-confidence, motivation, and autonomy.

We've compiled some resources below to help you navigate our Goals module, as well as to give you advice for how to create your goals!

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Goal Resources

  • Who can create goals?

  • How to create an Individual Goal & duplicate your existing goal

  • FAQs about goal creation and visibility

  • Editing and updating a goal's details

  • Comment on a goal

  • Capture feedback on a goal

  • Identify a goal as blocked

  • Create, edit, and manage a Team

  • Create Team Goals

  • Create and update Goals in Culture Amp

  • Tips for writing your goals

  • Tips for tracking your goals

In this course, designed for managers, you'll learn:

  • How to create and update goals in the platform

  • Tips for discussing and setting goals with your direct reports using the SMART method

  • Tips for tracking your direct reports' progress and supporting them as they work toward their goalsView Goals for your direct reports

  • How you set the goal matters

  • How to make a SMARTER goal

  • Goal setting & alignment

  • Goal tracking

Development Plans

Here at Culture Amp, we know from our research that development is one of the most important things to employees - it is often the reason why we choose to stay or leave a company. Using Develop helps you make the most of your opportunity to grow, to explore career paths, make your development goals and long term ambitions clear to yourself and your company, and to get useful and targeted support from your manager.

Development Plan Guide

  • How to create your development plan

  • How to close and/or delete development plans

  • Other FAQs

Develop guide (for employees) (Culture Amp Training)

  • This is an on-demand, self-guided course where you'll learn how to support your career and development, including:

    • How Culture Amp’s Develop module works

    • How to make the most of the development planning process

    • Exploring career paths (if your organization has this set up)

Develop guide (for managers) (Culture Amp Training)

  • This is an on-demand, self-guided course where you'll learn everything you need to know to make the most of the development planning & career path process with your team members, including:

    • How Culture Amp’s Develop module works, and the science behind it

    • Two handy guides to help you prepare and then facilitate a development conversation

Skills Coach and Playbooks

Skills Coach is a skill-based learning tool for users that delivers content, ideas, and tips directly through Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email. Currently, Skills Coach includes a selection of courses with short interactive lessons backed by science that drive results and are easy for everyone to use. Once a skill is launched, you will receive a daily notification nudge from Culture Amp to complete the next two-minute activity.

Playbooks is a standalone library of ideas, videos, and downloadable resources for managers, organized into bite sized pieces. Managers can browse this library of ideas, videos and downloadable resources, and bookmark their favorite ideas to implement or refer back to later.

To get started with Skills Coach and Playbooks, we've compiled some guides below:

Skills Coach and Manager Playbooks Guides

  • What is Skills Coach?

  • How to select courses and limitations on how many courses you can take

  • Course visibility for different employees

  • Managing Skills Coach notifications

Playbooks (for Managers)

  • An overview of our standalone library of ideas, videos, and downloadable resources for Managers, known as "Playbooks"


1-on-1 conversations is a feature in Culture Amp to help managers and employees have more meaningful, continuous conversations. Designed by our organizational psychology experts and our team of people scientists, 1-on-1 conversations is built to drive performance, productivity, and engagement by helping managers and employees talk honestly about things that impact their work.

For more information on 1-on-1s, please see these guides here:

1-on-1 Guides

1-on-1 conversations (for Managers)

  • How to create and edit a 1-on-1

  • Capture feedback within 1-on-1

  • 1-on-1 visibility (including previously completed 1-on-1s)

  • 1-on-1 customization

  • How to connect your calendar

  • How to edit the schedule

  • How to remove the calendar sync

  • Troubleshooting steps for connecting your calendar

How to facilitate a great 1-on-1 (Culture Amp Training)

In this course for managers, you'll learn the best practices for running an effective 1-on-1 with direct reports. In this course we'll cover:

  • How to set 1-on-1 up for success

  • Schedule and update your 1-on-1s in Culture Amp

  • What to do before the 1-on-1 to prepare for the conversation

  • General tips for what to do during a 1-on-1 meeting

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