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Guide for importing questions to your survey
Guide for importing questions to your survey

Guidance on how to add or update your survey questions using the survey question import feature

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What can I learn from this page?

How to add or update your survey questions using the survey import feature

Who is this guide for?

Account Admins, Survey Admins, Survey Creators


  • The import process does not support factors, select options, and branching questions.

  • It currently supports Snapshot/Attributed and Unattributed/Ad-hoc type surveys but is not available for Effectiveness or Lifecycle (Onboarding and Exit) surveys.

  • Need more help? Shoot an email to or ask to speak with a specialist during your live chat for troubleshooting assistance!

In this support guide we will provide steps on how to efficiently add or update your survey questions using our Survey Question Import feature. We will walk you through the steps involved, from getting started with a blank template or an existing question set, to handling potential errors and finalizing your import. We'll also address common questions you may have about this feature.

Step 1: Getting Started

If you're looking to create a survey from scratch or update an existing one, follow these steps:

  1. For new surveys, download our blank import template.

  2. For existing surveys, click into your surveys Questions tab > Export option to download your current question set.

Step 2: Preparing Your Excel File

Before diving in, let's familiarise ourselves with each column in the import template:

  • Column A: Question Code: For adding a new question, leave this field blank. For updating existing questions, use the question codes from your survey questions export

  • Column B: Section: Define the section where you'd like each question to be in. You can introduce new sections here, and they will be automatically created during the import with a corresponding factor

  • Column C: Factor: This column won't change when you import data, so no need to edit it. You can only link questions to a factor from the surveys Reporting Factors page. You can't change the factor a question belongs to using the question import template.

  • Column D: Question: Insert the text of your question here. Reference questions with question codes while updating existing questions.

  • Column E: Question Type: Select the type of question - rating, free text, single select, multiple select, or demographic.

  • Column F: Select Options: This column won't change when you import data, so no need to edit it. Select options can only be added to select questions from the survey designer page in the platform. You can't change or add question select options using the question import template.

Step 3: Error Handling

Once you have finalized the file, you can import it from the surveys > Questions tab using the Import Questions option.

During validation, errors arising from incorrect formatting or values will be indicated, guiding you to make necessary corrections.

Step 4: Finalizing Your Import

If there are no issues with your excel file your changes will be applied to your survey. We recommend viewing your questions after you have completed the import.

To view your updated questions, click into the surveys > Questions tab > Edit Questions to open up the survey designer page.


Where will my newly imported questions and sections appear in the survey?

New sections will appear at the end of the survey, while new questions will show up at the bottom of the respective section they're added to. You can reorganize sections and questions as needed using the Survey Designer.

Is it possible to import questions while the survey is live or after it has closed?

Importing questions to live or closed surveys is not permissible due to the potential for causing inconsistencies and issues with your data. For guidance on editing live surveys, please refer to our, Guide to editing surveys if they have already launched

Which types of surveys are supported for import?

The import feature supports Snapshot/Attributed and Unattributed/Ad-hoc type surveys, not Effectiveness or Lifecycle (Onboarding and Exit) surveys. Any templates listed as a Snapshot/Attributed or Unattributed/Ad-hoc under the Engagement Plans section in our templates guide are included.

Can I delete questions through the import process?

No, question deletion is not supported by the import feature. To remove questions, please do so from the Survey Designer page using the Trash Can icon.

Are imported questions automatically assigned to a specific factor?

If the section name and factor name match and you add a question into that section, it will be automatically assigned to the factor. We don’t edit factors directly from the factors column, we recommend using the Reporting Factors page to edit factors.

Can I implement branching or display logic to questions through the import?

No, we recommend setting up these features directly in the Survey Designer for greater accuracy and control.

Is it possible to import translations for my questions using this feature?

Translations aren't supported by the question import feature. For a comprehensive guide on how to handle translations, please refer to our Guide to populating Survey Translation Import templates

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