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Step-by-Step Instructions for Adding a Survey HR Business Partner Role

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Step by step instructions for adding an additional Survey HR Business Partner

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Account Admins

The Survey HR Business Partner role lets an employee manage report viewers for survey reports. This role grants access to all engagement survey reports, making it easier to set up and share reports within your organization.

This article explains how to assign the Survey HR Business Partner role to an employee. There are two steps: first, add the employee as a user if they aren't already, and second, assign them the permission. You can create as many Survey HR Business Partners as you need.

For more information on engagement roles and permissions, check out our support guide.

Add the Employee as a User

  1. Sign in to Culture Amp or use this link for EU login.

  2. Click the Settings button.

  3. Click Add User.

  4. Enter the user's name, preferred name, and email address.

  5. Click Save and Exit.

Assign the Survey HR Business Partner Permission

  1. Click Settings.

  2. Go to the Roles and Permissions menu.

  3. Click Assign Role.

  4. Search for and select the person to update their role.

  5. Check the Survey HR Business Partner option in the Surveys section.

  6. Click Save.

An email will be automatically sent to the new Survey HR Business Partner with a link to set a password for Culture Amp, if they don't already have a login.

To Remove a Survey HR Business Partner Role

  1. Click the Settings button.

  2. Go to the Roles and Permissions menu.

  3. Use the search box to find the person by name or email address.

  4. Click Edit next to the user you are updating.

  5. Uncheck the relevant tick boxes.

  6. Click Update to save.

Note: Only Account Administrators can remove roles. If you need assistance, ask another Account Administrator at your organization. Alternatively, reach out to our Culture Amp Support Team via email: or reply with Ask a Person to speak with a specialist during your chat conversation.

Managing Report Access and Features

Once given access, the Survey HR Business Partner can review reports from their Feedback > Surveys tab. By clicking the Share Reports icon, they can see any filtered reports that have been created, assign viewers, bulk export reports, and preview report notifications.

Survey HR Business Partner Permissions



Manage and update employee data

Create surveys

Participate in surveys


Manage and update surveys

Create and share reports

Manage report viewers


Add report owners


Access report data


Preview report notifications


Bulk export reports


Bulk import report sharing permissions

Access raw data


What survey types can the Survey HR Business Partner access?

They can see the report shells for any existing reports (published or unpublished) for the following survey types: Attributed (Snapshot), Unattributed, and Attributed (Continuous), such as onboarding and exit surveys). Check out our survey templates guide for more information.

Can the Survey HR Business Partner create and share reports?

No, they do not gain any additional permission to create or share reports. With this permission they will only be able to assign viewers to existing reports.

Can the Survey HR Business Partner see the overall Admin report?

No, they can only see reports visible under the surveys > share reports screen of the survey.

Can the Survey HR Business Partner preview filtered reports?

Yes, they can, but they must first be added as a report viewer. With this permission, they can preview reports directly within the platform. Without it, they will need to bulk export the reports to view the report data.

Can the Survey HR Business Partner bulk import report viewers?

No, they can only assign viewer access by adding people to individual reports in the platform.

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