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Goals (new) Early Access Program Information
Goals (new) Early Access Program Information

Everything you need to know about the Early Access Program for Goals (new)

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What can I learn from this page?

Everything you need to know about the Early Access Program for Goals (new)

Who is this guide for?

Performance Users


Welcome to the Goals (new) Early Access Program (EAP)! This guide provides everything you need to know about transitioning to the new Goals experience. This program is designed for selected customers who opt-in to experience Goals (new) before its full release.

⚠️ Note:

  • Registrations for the Goals (new) EAP are now closed.

  • During this phase, we're actively refining the Goals (new) experience, and some aspects of your Goals (classic) experience are not yet available in Goals (new). Don’t worry, we will continue to add new functionality throughout the EAP. Our aim for the EAP is to test, learn and improve Goals (new) based on your feedback and experience – and we’re so excited you’re able to participate!

We Value Your Feedback

Your feedback is crucial for us to develop a best-in-class Goals (new) tool. Please reach out if you have feedback on any of these:

✅ usability & workflow

✅ functionality

✅ encountering technical issues

✅ new feature suggestions

💬 We want to hear from you! Please speak with a Product Support Specialist by replying with “Ask a Person” in a Support Conversation to share your thoughts and suggestions.

📅 Goals (new) Key Dates

  • EAP Duration: July 1, 2024, to August 31, 2024

  • Gradual Rollout: Starting September 1, 2024, concluding January 31, 2025

Note: While we will do our best to adhere to these timeframes, they may be subject to minor changes depending on the EAP experience and product development dependencies.

What is included in the Goals (new) EAP

Goals (new) in the Early Access Program (EAP) offers a comprehensive set of features similar to Goals (classic), including:

  • Aligning goals

  • Setting goal owners

  • Updating goal progress

  • Usage reporting

  • Manager reporting

In addition to these familiar features, Goals (new) introduces several new capabilities:

  • A flexible goal structure that allows you to create goals for your entire organization, regardless of the number of organizational levels. You can fully customize the structure and name each level.

  • Fullscreen goal detail view

  • Draft goals

  • Key result owners

  • Decreasing key results

  • Improved goal status options like Overachieving

  • Enhanced goal visibility settings

🌟 Key Features Comparison

Goal Structure



  • Fixed Structure: Fixed goal structure with limited flexibility.

  • Group Goals: Restricted to Department demographic.

  • Flexible Goal Structure: Use your organizational structure to define your own levels, set goals and manage goal permissions effectively.

  • Group Goals: Organize goals by what matters most to your company, such as department, team, or region.

Goal Detail view



  • Basic Viewing: Goals open either in edit mode or side panel view

  • Fullscreen Goal Detail View

Draft Goals



  • No Drafts: No ability to save a goal as a draft, only create straight away.

  • Draft Goals: Plan and perfect your goals before publishing them.

Key Results Ownership



  • Single Ownership: Goal owners manage all key results without delegation.

  • Key Result Ownership: Empower your team by assigning key result owners. Foster collaboration and accountability by distributing responsibilities.

Key Result Targets



  • Increasing Targets Only: Limited to goals with increasing targets.

  • Flexible Targets: Set both increasing and decreasing key results.

Filtering and sorting



  • Limited Filtering: Navigate through different tabs to view goals from various groups.

  • Enhanced Filtering and Sorting: Customize your goal list view with advanced filtering and sorting options. Access all relevant goals in one streamlined view.

Goal Status



  • Basic Status Options: Mark goals as "In Progress," "Blocked," or "Accomplished."

  • Improved Goal Status: Monitor progress with new, detailed status options like ‘On Track,’ ‘Off Track,’ ‘At Risk,’ and ‘Overachieving.’ Celebrate when goals exceed expectations and address issues proactively.

🚀 Upcoming Enhancements

Since our EAP program aims to gather feedback to improve our Goals (new) experience, we will release additional enhancements throughout the year.

⚠️ Note: These features won’t be available immediately when you first switch to Goals (new).

The upcoming features include:

  1. Email notifications


  3. In-platform reporting

  4. Collaboration groups and goals (replacing Team goal functionality)

  5. Updated goal tree view

  6. Goal Cascading and weighting

  7. Leadership and HRBP reporting

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or questions regarding these features.

🔄 Process for Participating in the EAP

For New Customers:

If you're new to Culture Amp or the Goals feature (i.e. you don’t have existing goals in the Goals (classic) product), you'll automatically get access to Goals (new) from July 1, 2024, onwards.

For Existing Goals Users:

Registrations for the Goals (new) EAP are now closed. If you've joined our Early Access Program (EAP) for Goals (new), here's what you need to know:

Step 1: EAP - Testing Phase

  • Once enabled, Administrators can access and toggle between both Goals (new) and Goals (classic) to test the new features.

  • Employees won't have access to Goals (new) initially and will continue to use Goals (classic), ensuring no disruption to current operations.

  • You'll have a dedicated 2-week testing phase for Goals (new). After this period, Culture Amp will contact you to evaluate your readiness to transition your entire organization from Goals (classic) to Goals (new).

  • Testing Goals (new) will not affect any data in Goals (classic), and vice versa.

  • During testing, you can create and adjust test goals freely, knowing you can reset them before full rollout.

  • If you opt to continue with the EAP, we'll proceed to Step 2 of the migration process. If not, we'll plan for your Goals (new) rollout at a later time.

Step 2: Continue with the EAP - Organization-Wide Rollout OR

  • If you decide to proceed with the EAP after testing, we will migrate all existing goals (both current and historical) so employees do not lose any progress on current goals.

  • Goals (new) will then be enabled for all employees, while Goals (classic) will be disabled.

  • 📌 Note: Once migrated, you cannot revert to Goals (classic).

Step 3: Wait for the Gradual Migration

If you choose not to register for the EAP or proceed after the testing phase, you can opt to rollout to your organization at a later time. During this period, your organization will continue using Goals (classic). You will be migrated to Goals (new) at a later scheduled date, communicated to you in advance by Culture Amp.

⚠️ Just a heads-up: Once you've migrated to Goals (new), you won't be able to switch back to Goals (classic).


What support is available to us to support this change with our employees?

We provide various resources to support your organization through this change, including:

Can I test out Goals (new) before I commit to using them for my whole organization?

Yes, account administrators will be able to access and test all features of Goals (new) without anyone else in the account seeing any changes.

What is the Goals (new) EAP process for new Goals customers?

If you are new to Culture Amp or new to Goals (i.e you don’t have existing goals in the Goals (classic) product), For you, the process of EAP will be different:

  • Goals (new) will be enabled for the whole account

Can I pilot Goals (new) with a particular business area?

No, access to Goals (new) cannot be limited to specific groups within your organization. Once you decide to join the EAP after the Administrator verification step, all employees must be moved to Goals (new).

There are existing goals in our account that are ongoing. Will they carry across?

Yes, when you're ready to move to Goals (new), we can migrate any historical and ongoing goals from Goals (classic) without any loss of progress or data.

Can I back out of the EAP after my organization has been migrated?

No, once your entire organization has been migrated from Goals (classic) to Goals (new), it is not possible to revert to the previous version

What if I don’t want to join the EAP after testing?

If you prefer to wait for a specific feature on our roadmap or have external business factors delaying your migration to Goals (new), we can accommodate a delayed migration. We will be adding functionality to Goals (new) throughout the year on staggered dates, allowing for a flexible migration timeline. Please note: joining Goals (new) as part of this EAP will mean you get additional support to migrate your goals from classic to new. While we will provide detailed guidance and support as part of the main migration process, additional support is a benefit of joining the EAP.

Must I migrate to Goals (new) at a later date?

Yes, transitioning to Goals (new) is necessary. This updated version offers a significantly improved experience compared to Goals (classic). Additionally, support for Goals (classic) will be discontinued after March 2025.

Are there any improvements to be made in Goals (classic)?

No, Goals (classic) will not receive any more updates or improvements.

🌐 Additional Support

If you have any questions or feedback about the Goals (new) experience, please don't hesitate to speak with a Product Support Specialist by replying with “Ask a Person” in a Support Conversation. We are here to help make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your team.

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