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What can I learn from this page? How to access survey reports
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Navigating to the Reports

Click the name of a survey on the Reports page to view the reports.


Move between reports by clicking the report types down the top left-hand area of the page. The report types displayed depend on how your Culture Amp access was set up.

Filtering Results

The sidebar on the left-hand side of the reports can be used to narrow down the results.


You can add up to 5 filters at once.

The filters use an AND operation so adding more filters reduces your result set (e.g. selecting Dept: Sales and Gender: Male displays results for men in Sales). When you add values for the same filter (e.g. Country: India, France, Italy) an OR operation is used.

Print or Export Results

The export icon to send reports to a printer, PDF, Excel or CSV file. Depending on the report type, the Excel and CSV files may contain additional raw data. Depending on the survey type, export to PowerPoint may be displayed.

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