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What can I learn from this page? How to change account level settings, such as company name, timezone, logo.
Who is this guide for? Account administrators


Settings for the organization can be changed, such as the company name, primary email address, time zone and logo used by Culture Amp. Only Account Administrators can access these functions. Survey settings and configuration are done per survey by Survey Administrators.

The ideal logo shape is square, and size is 320 pixels wide and 320 pixels tall. The file should not exceed 1MB. The file must be of the format .jpg or .gif or .png.

To update the company name or primary email address

  1. click Settings button
  2. click the Settings tab
  3. type a Name or Primary Email Address
  4. click Update

This email address is used for email bounce notifications. See Managing bounced emails.

To update the time zone

  1. click Settings button
  2. click the Settings tab
  3. select the Timezone 
  4. click Update

The time zone setting is used when scheduling the launch date and time for a survey, as well as email reminder dates and times. Time zone is also used viewing reports and a date range is selected.

  1. click Settings button
  2. click the Settings tab
  3. click Choose File button to browse for a logo image (a square image of at least 320px x 320px will ensure it looks great on most screens)
  4. click Update
  5. review the previewed image, dragging crop outline if required
  6. click Crop to update the logo

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