Launch an Attributed Survey

How to launch an attributed survey

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How to launch an Attributed survey

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For attributed surveys, such as an engagement survey being sent to most people in an organization, you can use the survey Launch Plan to get the survey live. The survey goes from being Draft to Live once it has been launched. The date and time of the survey launch can be entered and we'll will take care of the rest. The process for launching unattributed surveys or launching onboard / exit surveys is slightly different so please refer to these pages for further information.

Survey Invites

A survey can be launched immediately, or can be scheduled for a future date and time. The timezone used for launching the survey, and sending reminder emails is displayed adjacent to the time, and can be changed by an Account Administrator on the account Settings page. Only one timezone can be used when scheduling events, so if you have offices in different countries, pick a timezone that makes sense for the majority of people.

The colors, layout and formatting of the emails cannot be changed. You can control the logo used throughout your account, but not the size or location of the logo within the emails.

Note: Preview the reminder email text before launching, to ensure that it is correct. Remember to enter a close date for the survey, as this will be displayed in the survey invite (if you're using the default emails).

Sending Invite Emails Immediately

  1. click the Edit Survey button for a specific survey on your Surveys page

  2. click the Launch Plan tab

  3. in the Survey Invitation section, click the Send Now button

Scheduling Invite Emails for Future Send

  1. click the Edit Survey for a specific survey on your Surveys page

  2. click the Launch Plan tab

  3. in the Survey Invitation section, select a date using the calendar pop-up

  4. change the time for launch, if required

  5. click Schedule button


Note: The launch time specified is approximate. On the day of launch the emails may not all be sent exactly at that time. The survey invite emails are processed and mailed sequentially, so some people may receive the email at 10:03am, and others at 10:07am, for example.

Oops - I Need to Cancel the Launch!

If you used the Send Now button - you have about 20 seconds to change your mind, and use the Cancel Launch button. If you used the Schedule button - you can use the Cancel Launch button any time up to the scheduled time.


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