Set up reporting rules for Exit and Onboard surveys

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How to set up the reporting rules for Exit and Onboard surveys

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The Confidentiality Rules are used to communicate to participants how the survey results will be displayed in the reports. This process covers exit and onboarding surveys, however the process is different for other types of surveys.

By default, we suggest that onboard and exit surveys are 'transparent' so that feedback can be actioned directly for an individual if required.


If there is concern about transparency and how this will affect the quality and honesty of the feedback, then a Reporting Group Minimum can be set which will apply to both scores and comments.

To set the reporting group minimums

  1. click the Configure link for a specific survey on your Surveys page
  2. click the Confidentiality tab
  3. in the Confidentiality of responses section, edit the default values
  4. click Update

These minimums are displayed in a few places:

  • The Reporting Rules page that participants can view from their survey emails, and from the survey's Welcome Screen


  • The Launch Plan page


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