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At Culture Amp, we have designed a 360 feedback survey optimized for individual learning & development. Our methodology aims to ensure that employees have the best chance of receiving open and honest feedback from their colleagues.

In this guide we will take you through:

  1. How to prepare for your company's Individual Effectiveness survey
  2. Timeline and Steps to Launch your company's Individual Effectiveness survey
  3. Setup and Configure your company's Individual Effectiveness survey
  4. Launch your survey and an individual feedback process
  5. Sharing and Reviewing individual feedback

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Using an Individual Effectiveness process for developing employees

Our Individual Effectiveness survey is a diagnostic instrument that helps an individual apply the 360° methodology to gather feedback and insights for personal development. It is designed to be used with every individual in an organization who is 'feedback ready' and keen to grow. For this reason, such feedback opportunities should not be limited to just those in senior roles or higher up in an organization.

Culture Amp's Individual Effectiveness survey can be used to:

  • Support individuals to identify where they are excelling
  • Support individuals to find a focus for development
  • Ensure feedback from co-workers is as constructive as possible (development focused, not evaluative)
  • Encourage individuals to own the feedback they receive and take action
  • Create a culture of feedback and learning that is growth and future focused (rather than evaluative)
  • Be used across an organization and at all levels


When is an employee 'Feedback Ready'?

  • At a milestone in their career i.e. some time in a new role, preparing to move to a new role; or
  • Completion of a project, major piece of work; or
  • They've been with the organization for at least 4-5 months and have settled into their role; or
  • They've been with the company for a while and it has been over a year since they received any formal development feedback; and
  • They are relatively stable in their role (in other words, we do not recommend that 360°s are used for managing performance)

NOTE: Some employees thrive on feedback, so we recommend you let them request it more frequently. 


Who should act as a Reviewer to provide feedback?
A Reviewer is anyone who has been requested to provide feedback for an employee. Reviewers can be managers, direct reports or co-workers.

Employees should ideally select their own Reviewers. Here is our advice:

  • Nominate at least 5-6 people including your manager, any direct reports and a selection of team mates /colleagues (co-workers).
  • Reviewers need to be in a position to provide meaningful feedback, supported by examples, that will help you to find a focus.
  • Choose people who you have worked closely with for at least 3 months. An exception is where you may have worked very closely with someone, say on a project, but for a shorter amount of time.
  • Select Reviewers who will provide you with honest and perhaps even 'difficult to hear' feedback. Individual Effectiveness feedback is for development - in order to develop you need to hear where you have room for improvement.


Who should be a Coach?
A Coach is someone who helps an employee to look at the context of their feedback and understand what it means for them.

  • The Coach's role is to discuss the feedback, ask questions of the employee, and support them in finding their focus.
  • A Coach could be the employee’s manager, an external provider, someone in HR/L&D, a colleague or even the employee themselves (if experienced).
  • Support your Coaches by equipping them with resources and/or training (we provide a guide for Coaching), plenty of notice (2-4 weeks prior to survey launch) and ideally their own opportunity to go through a 360° process.


Prepare the organization

  • Is your organization ready and does it have the resources to go through an individual feedback or 360° process? Consider the time for reviewers to provide feedback, availability of coaches, and resources to support employees to act on their feedback.
  • Communicate the purpose of your 360° feedback process and where it fits within your people strategy.


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