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Note: we are currently in the process of making the survey summary available. All customers should have it enabled for sharing on their accounts by 01 October 2021. If you’d like to use it earlier, please contact our support team at


This article contains 3 sections:

1. What is a survey summary?
2. How do I create and share a survey summary?
3. Frequently asked questions


After you’ve closed a company engagement survey, Culture Amp strongly recommends that you:

  1. Thank all employees for participating, and acknowledge their hard work over the past few months
  2. Play back a high level summary of the data with everybody invited

You can take both of these actions directly in Culture Amp using the survey summary.

✨ Science: data shows that when companies use Culture Amp reports to share their survey results broadly throughout their org, for their following survey, they see, on average, a 7 percentage point increase in participation, and significantly improved scores on questions related to action taking.




What is the survey summary?

The survey summary is acknowledgement of effort, and a high level summary of the results, which should be shared with every employee invited to your engagement survey. It presents the following information:


An overall engagement score, with commentary:



You can use the commentary to enrich the survey summary with any text you’d like; companies usually include things like:

  • A thank you message from senior leadership
  • Additional context about events that could affect employee experience (e.g. mergers, major product launches etc...)
  • Information about upcoming company focus areas
  • A spotlight on improvements from previous focus areas

Key findings:

The survey summary will present the 3 questions with the highest favorability scores, alongside the 3 focus questions. Focus questions are lower scoring questions in your survey that were highly correlated with engagement (significantly more of your employees who agreed with the focus questions also agreed with the engagement questions). Find out more about how correlation is calculated here.


Each question will include the personal response for the individual employee viewing the survey summary.




In addition to the findings for the company overall, the survey summary can also be configured to show findings for an employee's key demographic groups (e.g. for an employee’s department, team, practice, business unit etc...). You can select which groups you’d like to add. If demographics are added to the survey summary, employees will automatically see summary results for the demographics groups which they belong to. The example above is what a sales representative from the New York sales team would see. A payroll officer might instead see tabs for Department: HR, and Team: Payroll. 


As with all Culture Amp reports, results will not be shown for groups with fewer responses than the reporting group minimum.


Skills coach:

Skills Coach is a learning tool that delivers engaging micro-content directly through Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email. Your employees can use it to develop skills which could help them:

  • improve their own at-work experience e.g. productivity skills, and resilience skills

  • improve the experience of people around them e.g. how to give great feedback, or how to facilitate great meetings

  • if they are leaders, improve the experience of their people e.g. how to be a better coach, or how to think strategically


Note: we are currently in the process of rolling out skills coach. If skills coach isn’t enabled on your account, this banner will not be shown to employees.


How do I create and share a survey summary?

First, navigate to the share results screen, either from the configure survey menu, or by pressing the share reports button in your administrator report. From there, select create a survey summary, and you’ll begin a 3 step process.




Step 1: Add context, and additional demographic groups to the survey summary (optional but strongly recommended). We recommend adding in groups that represent slices of the org that are relevant to individuals (e.g. their team, department, practice, region, org etc...)



Step 2: Preview the survey summary, and the email/slack messages that will be sent out when the survey summary is published. Survey summary emails/slack messages cannot be edited. Note: this preview will contain real engagement scores, but will not contain your real personal responses.





Step 2: Publish the survey summary with all employees invited to the survey. Note: individual employees, or groups of employees cannot be excluded from the survey summary. Employees not invited to the survey at the time of publishing cannot be added to the survey summary.



Once a survey summary has been published:

  • employees will receive an email and (if enabled) a Slack notification telling them that it is available for them to view
  • a published survey summary cannot be deleted, except by our support team. If you have published a survey summary in error, please contact our support team at


After employees click on the link in their email/slack, they will be asked to login, or to create a password (if they have not previously done so).


Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to create Culture Amp usernames/passwords for employees before I share the survey summary?

  • No, any employee that you have loaded into Culture Amp (i.e. any employee invited to a survey) can login to Culture Amp at any time, and create a password using their employee email address (i.e. the email address used to deliver their survey invite), or using single sign on (if enabled).
  • Note: these employees will only be able to view survey results that have been shared with them by an administrator, and will not be able launch surveys, or view employee data. Learn more about permissions here.

What happens if an employee shares a link with another employee, or somebody outside the company?

  • Only authenticated employees will be able to access the survey summary. Each employee will only be able to view their own individual copy of the survey summary, with their own name, demographic groups, and personal responses. 

Can I use the survey summary on survey types besides engagement (e.g. wellbeing, or inclusion)?

  • For now, the survey summary is only intended for use on engagement surveys. Culture Amp will not prevent you from using a survey summary on a non-engagement survey, but the messaging will not update to reflect the survey type. We’re working on support for other survey types.

How will employees get to the survey summary from their Culture Amp homepage?

  • For now, the only way for employees to get to the survey summary is via the link in their email notification. We’re working on adding the survey summary to the reports page.

When should I publish the survey summary?

  • A survey summary can be published at any time, but we recommend publishing it soon after your survey closes.

Why are the focus questions different between the survey summary and the insight report?

  • The survey summary uses an updated version of focus agent, our algorithm for identifying the statistically most actionable questions on a survey. As above, focus questions are lower scoring questions in your survey that were highly correlated with engagement. For each of the demographic group tabbed sections, the survey summary will (where possible) calculate correlation at the group level, instead of the survey overall level. This will produce a set of focus questions that are locally more actionable.

What will happen to overall reports?

  • The survey summary is an improved version of the overall report, and will replace it. Any overall reports that you have already created will remain, but you not be able to create any new ones.

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