Guide to Continuous Feedback template customisation


Culture Amp can work with Performance enabled customers (specifically Performance Administrators) who are using the Continuous Feedback feature to customise the questions asked in the templates presented when users give unsolicited feedback.



  • Question customisation is only available for the templates presented when users trigger the 'Give Feedback' option.  For 'Request Feedback', users are required to add their own specific question(s) to trigger the request. 
  • Customisation is limited in terms of structure; we only offer the ability to customise
    - the wording of the questions
    - the number of questions presented per template
    - the order the templates appear
    - the number of templates


How it works

If you'd like to include additional feedback templates or customise the default template set, please populate a copy of this document prior to sending it back to Culture Amp Product Support.

We will use the content you've provided to create the new templates and upload them to your account.

You can usually expect completion within 2 - 3 business days.



Default template set

Template 1




Template 2




Template 3




Template 4




Template 5




Need further guidance / support?  Contact our Product Support Team and we'll be happy help!





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