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Performance Management Product Updates 2023
Performance Management Product Updates 2023

A running list of Performance Management Product Updates through 2023

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A running list of Performance Management Product Updates through 2023

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17 Nov 2023 - Ability for managers to provide a preview of a manager review with their direct reports

We’ve built a simple mechanism for managers to discuss their manager review responses with direct reports before completing the review task. Managers will now see a new option titled Employee Preview on Manager Reviews. The Employee Preview option opens up a new page and only displays responses to questions that may be shared with a direct report. Learn more

5 Oct 2023 - Bulk approval of peer nominations

Administrators now have the ability to bulk push peer nominations that have not been approved by their managers. This is suitable for situations where there are a large number of performance cycles in play during a period with managers either being unavailable or unable to review direct report nominations. This ensures the nomination approval step occurs and avoids moments where feedback might not be received, leading to admins scrambling to get feedback through other means (for example using self-reflections instead). Learn more

4 Oct 2023 - UX improvements to Calibration views

A number of small improvements have been made to the overall look and feel of Calibration views, including accessing Calibration views from a new, standalone page within the Performance menu. Alongside a number of performance and stability improvements, filters have also been rebuilt, making performance ratings and review status options available in the filter bar. Learn more

28 Sep 2023 - Limit the number of submitted peer nominations

Administrators now have the ability to limit the number of peer nomination requests that employees can submit during the peer nomination phase of a cycle. A limited nomination count means managers and admins have a more manageable list of nominations before approval and helps employees prioritise who they should nominate for the most valuable feedback. Learn more

31 Aug 2023 - Development Resources is being deprecated on December 31 2023

In recent months, we’ve significantly improved our employee development products, including Develop, Skills Coach and Playbooks. These drive meaningful individual growth, and by integrating with the Culture Amp platform, make it easy for People leaders to track and drive development at scale. As a result, we’ll be decommissioning Development Resources on December 31, 2023.

26 Jul 2023 - Ability to add intro text for Peer & Upward feedback cycles

Administrators can now include introductory text to peer & upward feedback cycles, similar to what we’ve done before for the manager review experience. This enables admins to provide context, guidance and additional information to support people who complete peer & upward feedback. This brings more consistency to our user experience across the platform.

11 Jul 2023 - Homepage tasks now list collaboration requests for manager reviews

Managers with requests to collaborate on reviews will now be able to see these collaboration requests as tasks on the homepage under their overview section. This provides an additional notification method to assist collaborators in completing their tasks.

14 Jun 2023 - Performance Insights - Custom Rating Scale Viz

HRBPs and Admins will now be able to explore our latest visualization with their performance rating scale question data and rating scale question data. Learn More

14 Jun 2023 - Central hub page for performance cycles

We've consolidated the separate managers “Performance Cycles” page & the “Shared Performance reviews” page into one single page

10 Apr 2023 - Manager experience improvements - Perform manager review

Admins can now construct an introductory text that will live at the top of the manager review, ensuring managers have all the needed context when crafting their reviews.

Also, within the manager review, the rich text editor is now more visible, and open-ended text boxes will default to bullet points to encourage a concise and well-structured manager review.

28 Mar 2023 - Continuous Performance - first release available to all Performance customers

For customers who have Anytime(Continuous) Feedback, Managers can now capture feedback about their direct reports in the moments where feedback conversations are had; within 1-on-1’s, Goals, and Development plans, ensuring a streamlined performance review. Learn more

13 Mar 2023 - Update to Feedback Navigation

Now, users will see 'Anytime Feedback' in the navigation menu when the feature is available in an account. While 'Feedback' will appear for an account where Anytime Feedback is unavailable.

28 Feb 2023 - Enhanced filtering for Performance Insights reporting

Administrators can now filter Performance Insights in more detailed ways, improving the ability to explore performance data and create relevant visualizations.

Jan 2023 - Get more visibility with Review acknowledgments

Now administrators can include acknowledgments in their review cycles, easily tracking and reporting on performance conversations across the company. This helps to ensure that every employee gets to participate in the performance process and saves time if you have to show performance conversations occurred for compliance purposes. Learn more

17 January 2023 - UX improvements in Performance

We have made number of user experience improvements to the feedback request flow, including peer feedback only cycles for nominations and feedback requests to streamline the selection experience. Additonally, we have updated the cycle name across the edit workflow of creating a cycle to easily reference what cycle is being edited and the cycle name error state improvement to support understanding length restrictions of a cycle name. We have also improved in-product guidance in the cycle creation flow for clarity in understanding when questions can and cannot be edited. Learn more

30 March 2023 - Assessment Group Question is now Performance Rating Question

The “Assessment Group Question” is now called the “Performance Rating Question” in Manager Reviews. The performance rating question is a key component and valuable part of the Performance review cycle. We want to instill its value and include it within the performance process. Additionally, we have added numbering and short descriptions to the design to provide guidance to ensure a better experience. Learn more

26 April 2023 - Performance Insights Experience Update

We have improved our Performance Insights functionality to make it easier to navigate and more intuitive. These updates include improving the “No Ratings” empty state, adding Y axis label on charts, increasing truncation length of charts based on user feedback, default last filtered cycle on return for a more intuitive experience, added a select cycle modal to prompt use to start exploring their data, and changed chart subheading to reflect the functionality better. Learn more

27 April 2023 - Template Uplift for Performance Emails

We have updated Performance Review Cycle emails to have consistent branding, content and structure to be in line with the wider platform messaging. Learn more

8 May 2023 - Surfacing Options on Manager Review

We have surfaced options in Manager Review such as export PDF, manage collaborators, and sharing in the Manager review. This helps to create a more intuitive experience for managers and to reduce their cognitive load by making options available in context when viewing a manager review. Learn more

17 May 2023 - Automated Upward Feedback Requests for Performance Cycles

Performance admins now have the option to include the automation of upward feedback requests in any new cycles. If upward feedback and this option are selected, it will automatically schedule then send upward feedback requests for all direct reports of a subject / manager that's included in a cycle. Learn more

2 June 2023 - Improvements to Feedback Request Process in Performance Cycles

It is no longer possible for someone to request feedback from the subject of the feedback. We've also introduced the option to withdraw a declined feedback request so that Performance admins and Managers can resend in the case that it was declined in error. Learn more

13 June 2023- UX Improvements in Performance

We have changed rating scale question types in self-reflections and manager-requested feedback to display in a vertical layout to ensure that all options display in the dossier view.

Next, previously, users had the impression that they could search for filters by typing when in fact they could not, which caused confusion. We removed the ability for a user to click into the filter and instead when a user clicks on the filter, the filter dropdown only appears.

Furthermore, the Export feedback link now appears for all types of feedback. “Anytime feedback” and “Manager-requested feedback” are now both housed under "Anytime Feedback", with a separate section for each.

Lastly, we exposed the text formatting bar in the open field text box in the private notes tab so that it is immediately clear to the user that they have text formatting capabilities.

3 July 2023 - Smart Insights added to 1-on-1s

Managers are now notified of upward and downward trends based on check-in slider activity of their direct reports on the 1-on-1s page. Learn more

4 July 2023 - Performance Insights, Custom Rating Scale Enhancements

We have made changes to the UI of the custom rating scale page in Performance Insights. Updates include: improvements to the styling of the button, new empty states for when a demographic is selected, updated chart titles and removed asterix when there is bolded text. When you refresh the page, the tab will now be retained. Filtered demographics now show in the sidebar. Learn more

10 July 2023 - Performance Cycle Design Improvements

When designing a Performance Review Cycle, Performance Admins will now see Question Type names and have the ability to preview questions on the "Questions" page. Learn more

25 August 2023 - Direct Reports performance review insights now on home page

We have enhanced the 'direct report' section on the home page, to include important 1-on-1's data and insights. Managers will also find the status of direct reports 'recent feedback received' and nominations within a performance review cycle. Learn more

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