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Performance Management Product Updates 2023
Performance Management Product Updates 2023

A running list of Performance Management Product Updates through 2023

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A running list of Performance Management Product Updates through 2023

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31 Aug 2023 - Development Resources is being deprecated on December 31 2023

In recent months, we’ve significantly improved our employee development products, including Develop, Skills Coach and Playbooks. These drive meaningful individual growth, and by integrating with the Culture Amp platform, make it easy for People leaders to track and drive development at scale. As a result, we’ll be decommissioning Development Resources on December 31, 2023.

26 Jul 2023 - Ability to add intro text for Peer & Upward feedback cycles

Administrators can now include introductory text to peer & upward feedback cycles, similar to what we’ve done before for the manager review experience. This enables admins to provide context, guidance and additional information to support people who complete peer & upward feedback. This brings more consistency to our user experience across the platform.

11 Jul 2023 - Homepage tasks now list collaboration requests for manager reviews

Managers with requests to collaborate on reviews will now be able to see these collaboration requests as tasks on the homepage under their overview section. This provides an additional notification method to assist collaborators in completing their tasks.

14 Jun 2023 - Performance Insights - Custom Rating Scale Viz

HRBPs and Admins will now be able to explore our latest visualization with their performance rating scale question data and rating scale question data. Learn More

14 Jun 2023 - Central hub page for performance cycles

We've consolidated the separate managers “Performance Cycles” page & the “Shared Performance reviews” page into one single page

10 Apr 2023 - Manager experience improvements - Perform manager review

Admins can now construct an introductory text that will live at the top of the manager review, ensuring managers have all the needed context when crafting their reviews.

Also, within the manager review, the rich text editor is now more visible, and open-ended text boxes will default to bullet points to encourage a concise and well-structured manager review.

28 Mar 2023 - Continuous Performance - first release available to all Performance customers

For customers who have Anytime(Continuous) Feedback, Managers can now capture feedback about their direct reports in the moments where feedback conversations are had; within 1-on-1’s, Goals, and Development plans, ensuring a streamlined performance review. Learn more

13 Mar 2023 - Update to Feedback Navigation

Now, users will see 'Anytime Feedback' in the navigation menu when the feature is available in an account. While 'Feedback' will appear for an account where Anytime Feedback is unavailable.

28 Feb 2023 - Enhanced filtering for Performance Insights reporting

Administrators can now filter Performance Insights in more detailed ways, improving the ability to explore performance data and create relevant visualizations.

Jan 2023 - Get more visibility with Review acknowledgments

Now administrators can include acknowledgments in their review cycles, easily tracking and reporting on performance conversations across the company. This helps to ensure that every employee gets to participate in the performance process and saves time if you have to show performance conversations occurred for compliance purposes. Learn more

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