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Performance Reviews & Reflections
Performance Reviews & Reflections

Everything you need to know about Performance Review & Self Reflection Cycles

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Performance invitation and reminder communicationsThe type of Performance invitation and reminders there are available
Performance Admin ExportsGuidance on the different Performance Admin Export options available
Share peer & upward feedback directly with employeesHow to share peer and upward feedback directly with employees in a performance review cycle
Deciding which performance questions are shareableHow to select which performance questions are shareable within a performance review cycle
The science behind Culture Amp's performance review templatesThe science behind Culture Amp's performance review templates
Performance Review Cycle Guide for Managers and EmployeesAn overview of the Performance Review Cycle process for Managers and Employees
Launch a Performance Review CycleHow to launch and manage a Performance Review cycle
Complete a performance reviewHow to complete a performance review as a manager
Guide to rating performance reviewsA guide which highlights the considerations, advantages and disadvantages when it comes to rating performance reviews
Create and share calibration viewsHow to create and share calibration views
Guide to Developmental Self-Reflection TemplateAn overview guide to our Developmental Self-Reflection Template
Complete a Self-Reflection in PerformanceGuidance on how to complete a Self Reflection as a user
Manage your direct reports' self-reflectionsHow to manage your direct reports' self-reflections
Performance User Data exportHow to export performance user data
Create a self-reflection cycleHow to create, design, launch and duplicate a self-reflection cycle