Preview reports during survey design

If you are designing a survey and you're not sure what you'll end up with in the reports, you can preview your reports using the Preview Reports button. 

The Preview Reports button can be found on the Surveys page by clicking the drop-down near the Edit survey/View reports button for a specific survey, and in the top right-hand corner when configuring the survey.

The preview is generated with dummy data, allowing you to drill-down, filter and generally explore the reports as though they were real. You can even use the export icon to see what the various export options look like.


The Preview Reports button switches to View Reports as soon as the survey is launched, and the survey status is Open.

NOTE: You need to have imported employee data with demographic information before the Preview Reports button will display any data. Any surveys that are unattributed, or use self-reported demographics will not include these filters in the preview.

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