Preview a survey

You can preview a survey to see how the survey looks. The survey can also be completed, and won't affect your 'real' results. This is also useful for testing the survey questions and length of time to complete.

To get a link for a survey demo

  1. Click the Edit survey button for a specific draft survey on your Surveys page
  2. Click the Questions tab
  3. Click the Preview survey icon (only works for people with a Culture Amp login), or
  4. Click the PDF icon to export a printable version



Copy link

Click the Copy Link icon to copy the URL to your clipboard and share with others who do not have a Culture Amp login



The survey can now be reviewed and tested. Responses will not be recorded in Culture Amp. The blue-colored "This is a demonstration page only. Your survey responses will not appear in any reports." banner will be displayed at the top of the survey page.



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